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Sandra asks…

How to quickly get rid of bad back acne?

I have bad bad acne on my back and it makes me so insecure cause the acne Is high up almost on my shoulders. So even if I wear t shirts my acne is still noticeable. I need it to go away fast. I’ve tried proactiv and deep cleansing stuff twice a day then I put acne treatment on. Anything else I could do? Is my hair conditioner maybe causing acne?

admin answers:

I don’t know any products that could help… But ofcourse, shower daily and make sure after your shower you don’t leave your hair wet on your back because I know for a fact certain lotions and conditioners could easily cause acne due to oilyness and clogging your poors. Alyways make sure your hair is dry and clean if it is lieing on your back.
Gooood luckkkk

Jenny asks…

whats the best acne treatment and moisturizer?

i constantly break out what acne treatments clear up pimples the fastest? my skin gets dry after using acne treatments what is the best moisturizer out there? i also have oily skin is there anything out there to help that?

admin answers:

So princess_molly Trapped in the same usual problem.
Actually acne and oily skin related problems are the facts of teenage life coz this is the growing stage of life ans it is normal nothing to be so worried.
Anyways the treatment depends on your oily skin type and there are I must say thousands of products in the market.
Even then I have experienced the Clean and clear facial washes and Himalyas neem wash excellent.
Do not try anything withuot any advice of your doctor just relax and have loads of water and for the moisturizing tact do not use frequently any mosturizer but you can opt honey anyway put it directly on the face and leave it for about 15-20 mins.

John asks…

What is the fastest working over the counter acne treatment?

I want to get rid of my acne before school starts. I have combination skin and I break out a lot during my period, even though I still get acne all the time. I want an acne cleanser or treatment that I can get somewhere like Walmart or Target, but I will be willing to splurge for something like Clinique if I know it is going to work. What are the best products out there?

admin answers:

Well there’s of course Clean and Clear from Walmart. There’s a continuous cleanser and it’s about $11… Theres also a Clearasil Stayclear Vanishing Acne thing, it’s only about $6 but I’m not sure if it works :)

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