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Susan asks…

What is the best non prescription acne treatment?

I have TONS of acne in my t-zone (forehead and nose) and i am tired of it. i have really oily skin and i break out easily. what is the best non prescription acne treatment that can help me with my acne? thanks

admin answers:

Cetaphil is AMAZING. It works for all skin types, doesnt smell like shiz monkeys, and it works fast. It gets rid of makeup too, so thats a plus. It leaves your skil soft and smooth. You can get it nearly anywhere so try it!

David asks…

What is the most effective acne treatment for oily skin?

I have very oily skin. I’ve used proactive but it seems to make my skin more oily than it is. I’ve also use origins but that did not help at all. Right now, I’m using Indian clay and I haven’t noticed muh diffeence. so, can you please suggest any acne treatments that can be effective for oily skin!?!?!?

admin answers:


I know buying proactiv can be a bit rough .. Because you have to order and top of it … It can be expensive. But I have tried every other over the counter brand spending thousands of dollars and as soon as I started using proactiv they went away. I used it for like 3 years and it has left my skin very clean. I don’t use it anymore …. I do get the occasional break out once a month or so … But they go away fast because I have also changed my diet together with proactive usage.

So my recommendation is … Proactiv for like a year to get your skin balanced … And at the same time change to a diet containing 1 – 1.5 liters of water, multivitamins, 3-4 servings of vegetables and fruits and very little fatty food. Keep track of your food and try and stay away from fatty stuff most of the time. It will do wonders. After your skin is cleared … Then use neutrogena normal face cleanser .. And now I use any cream I want on my face without having any clogged spores or anything …

It’s just that if your skin is prone to breakouts … Its best to get it in balance with a good diet and proactiv … Then you can do what ever you want. My skin has never looked good those days when i was using proactiv.

Caution … Do not use anything else when using proactiv. If you do it will dry your skin more and cause more acne. This is why some people complain about proactiv …. They use other products with it. Just use proactiv for two weeks and you will see a HUGE difference.

William asks…

How to clear up my face a little quicker?

So proms in like 2 weeks and i just need some advice on how to clear up my face and shoulders a little faster. I wash my face/shoulders with clean and clear morning burst facial cleanser and i put on effaclar duo dual action acne treatment. Any other tips you guys can give me to speed up the process?

admin answers:

Use neutrogina, or sibu. Their lotion, cleanser and toner. They work extra well together. Wash your face before u go to bed, and apply a night cream, u face still has to be moisturized in case too much of your natural skin oils get washed away from the cleanser. Use non greasy sun screen. And non oily makeup or lotions. Drink lots of water.

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