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David asks…

Is it bad that I moisturize my face every night?

I know moisturizer is good for keeping skin hydrated but is it bad to use it every night? I also use it with some retin-A and an acne treatment (Clindamycin Phosphate.) I haven’t noticed any problems but could it hurt my skin in the long run? For example,make me age faster?

admin answers:

Moisturizer is good, however, you want to be careful using acne treatment and retinal treatments every night or it kind of defeats the purpose of your moisturizer. I would use the moisturizer every night and maybe every other night alternate the the retinal and acne treatments. If you use a retinal treatment all the time, it can dry your skin out and make you age faster.

Nancy asks…

How to get rid of tangles fast?

so i’ve been on an acne treatment and it has to make your face horrible before it gets better.
so for the past week and a half i’ve stayed in the house cause my face is horrible and i havent reall brushed my hair and stuff since i wasn’t going anywhere. so my face is finally clearing up and im going somewhere tomorrow but i have tons of tangles in my head.
any home remedies to get them out? like in the shower or something?

admin answers:

Use tons of conditioner in the shower and brush it out with the conditioner in…then even if you don’t get the conditioner all washed out, get out of the shower and brush through it slowly, getting every tangle out, then shower again.

Mary asks…

How do you get rid of a pimple in a day or less?

I have been using all the great soaps and acne treatment. Tomorrow is my biggest party ever! I don’t have very sensitive skin. I don’t have time to go see a doctor. I can where make up, and i need answers FAST! Please Please help me.

admin answers:

Check this out, it totally worked for me earlier this week. Good luck!


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