Acne Treatments That Work Fast

Helen asks…

How do I get rid of acne fast?

My daughter has trouble with acne and we are going on a trip with her boyfriends family and shes embarrassed about her acne. She has it on her face, chest, and back. She uses Clean & Clear but it is not working fast enough. I need an acne treatment that will work in 2 weeks. Please help!

admin answers:

You should see a dermatologist for the best results..

Linda asks…

Any good and fast acne treatments?

I have been breaking out a lot by my nose, eyebrows, and forehead by where my bangs hang. Are there any really good and somewhat fast working acne treatments out there?

admin answers:

I went to a dermatologist. He perscribed DIFFERIN, BENZCLIN, and DORYX. My skin is so smooth now it’s not even funny. I only used doryx for a couple of months because it is a very strong pill, but it gave me lasting results. Now I don’t even need any prescriptions. I use CETAPHIL face wash. It’s ph balanced for sensitive skin & my dermatologist recommended it. I use a couple of organic toners to keep my skin in check now. The first one is just USDA certified organic green tea that has been chilled. I use this one in the morning under some CETAPHIL spf 15 lotion and it’s very refreshing. The other toner is just one part apple cider vinegar to eight parts purified water. They are both full of antioxidants & the vinegar has a lot of alpha hydroxy acids which help quite a bit. You can also use the apple cider vinegar as a spot treatment without mixing it with water. Tea tree oil is also a good spot treatment. Also, make sure that anything you put on your face says “oil-free, non-comodogenic, non-irritating, or/and fragrance-free” And you should grow out your bangs. I had the same problem areas until I grew mine out. Oh & change your pillow cases as often as you can. You’d be surprised how much of a difference a clean pillow can make. Good luck! Hope this helps.

James asks…

How do you get rid of a forming pimple fast?

Ok I have an extremely oily face. I get THE WORST pimples by my nose and chin… It is really embarrassing and I need a solution fast! I understand that there are those expensive acne treatments you can buy but what else is there? And no tooth paste doesn’t work. I know this might sound impossible, but there is got to be a solution out there. I need your help!

admin answers:

Neutrogena On-The-Spot Maximum Strength Effectiveness Acne Treatment Vanishing Cream Formula

any questions just email me.

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