Acne Treatments That Work Overnight

David asks…

Does putting toothpaste on your acne really make it go away overnight?

I have little baby acnes that have been on the right side of my face for like 2 months now and nothing ive tried has worked. Will this make it go away? I put toothpaste on my acne about 10 minutes ago and it said to leave it on there for 15-20 minutes. Will this work?

Thanks (:
Does it work better if i leave the toothpaste on all night or wash it off in a few more minutes?

admin answers:

Yes, using toothpaste is a great quick acne treatment. I have heard it said that you should use toothpaste with flouride though.

Another quick acne treatment is using honey. Put honey on the spot that you want to heal, cover it with a bandaid, and leave it on overnight.

I think the best skin treatment for baby acne would be either of these two things.

I have also heard great things about zinc cream, but have never tried it myself. It is only a few bucks at amazon and the reviews are great.

Good luck

William asks…

What is the best treatment for acne scars?

I used to have THE WORST acne on my back/chest. Now I have really noticable acne scars there, so I hate wearing anything that doesn’t completely cover them up. I’ve heard that Mederma and Preparation H are really good for scars, but I was wondering if anyone has used them with success for acne scars. Any natural/home remedies would be great, too. Thanks!

admin answers:

Mederma is fantastic for acne scars. Preparation H doesn’t do anything for acne scars. Using Mederma takes time, it’s not an overnight fix, but the results are worth it. It’s the best option next to laser removal.

Joseph asks…

How can I lessen my acne overnight?

My face isnt covered in acne. I have small, barely noticable bumps on my forehead, but I have a breakout on my cheek. I am a swimmer, so I cannot always wear my makeup to cover. I want my acne to become less noticable so it is easier to hide.

admin answers:

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