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Chris asks…

How can you get rid of acne scars on your arms?

I have little marks on my arms from acne. They aren’t red. I’ve tried everything and I can’t seem to get rid of them. Any help?

admin answers:

Hi Anna,

So you popped a zit, it starts to bleed, and then it turns into a wee scratch. To top it off, a few days later you have this little dry scab. Well, here are some ways to prevent the rupturing of Acne, and a bit of aid in the healing scars.

1. ‘Stop popping!’ It’s tempting, but honestly, it make things worse. If you absolutely must pop, make sure that the area (and your fingers) are clean and disinfected. Best method of dealing with acne scars and cuts is just to let your body do the works. Keep the irritated area clean and use as little make-up on the area as possible.

2. Use a Scar Treatment. For post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (brown or red marks on the skin) try something like “Zenmed’s Scar Treatment Kit”, Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel. Mederma is also a good “spot” treatment. For “ice picks” or “crater-like” scars, which are actual dents in the skin, often the most effective treatment is seeing a doctor.

3. Moisturize and protect. Always use an oil-free moisturizer that has SPF. Try Body Guard Exquisitely Light SPF 30 For Face & Body.

4. Triple Antibiotic ointment If you put this on overnight, it will fade your scars and get rid of them. Don’t put too much on in one spot, it can cause your skin to get overly oily

for more detailed assistance, refer the source reference below.

Sandy asks…

How to get rid of a pimple overnight without leaving a mark or scar?

Its night time right now, and I have somewhere to go tomorrow in the afternoon. I have two BIG zits that are just starting to form. They’re a little red, and not ready to pop yet. So I was wondering, how do I get rid of it over night without leaving a scar or mark? What are some treatments, acne masks, or home remedies that you can GUARANTEE will make the pimples leave over night? NO TOOTHPASTE. I tried it, and all it did was burn it and leave a bigger mark. PLEASE HELP :(

admin answers:

Try Aloe Vera

Thomas asks…

Which is the best Wexler product for acne treatment?

I don’t want to buy the kid – it has ton of stuff I will never use. So if I decide to buy them individually, which products are the best for mild acne with sensitive skin.

admin answers:

There is this new popular cream that people have been talking about.

It was even televised on TV.

It prevents future and existing acne, diminishes scars, and lightens skin and blemishes. Fast results too! (It’s been claimed that major results can be seen within a week and no later than two weeks)

Before and After photos are available at the given ebay site.

This person is providing 1-3 week trial samples (Only for ONE DOLLAR.. Definitely a deal) on ebay at:

Search up “Cee En’s Acne Solution” or “best acne solution ever” on ebay.

First 100 customers can get the item for $1 for one week trial and up to 3 weeks. Or you can purchase 1 month supply for $40 or 6 month supply for $160

It’s expensive, but the product DOES work.

My sister and cousin who both have major acne have tried the product and they both give it thumbs up. I have also heard many great feedbacks about this cream.

I don’t have a problem with acne, but it seems to have great results on my sister who has moderate to severe acne. Her acne swelling went away overnight.

Check the seller’s feedbacks on the cream

I hope this helps. =)

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