Acne Treatments That Work Overnight

Laura asks…

Whats a good spot treatment for acne that will work overnight?

I am looking for a acne spot treatment to buy because I stopped proactive and I’m almost out of the mask. Please don’t suggest toothpaste because that gives me even more breakouts. I want something that is designed to treat skin.

admin answers:

Clean and clear persa gel 10! Over time, also gets rid of acne scars!!! Use it to spot treat at night!!!

Mark asks…

What are the best overnight acne treatments?

Nothing natural has worked. What is the best thing I can get at walgreens to clear up my acne by tomorrow or the day after?
Toothpaste hasn’t worked either. And it’s not pimples, it’s just little red dots, so I don’t think hot towels/steam will do much for me this time.

admin answers:

Exfoliate your face and then fill a bowl with hot hot water, put a towel over your head and let the steam hit your face, then cleanse and tone it and apply sudocream

Richard asks…

What works for overnight acne treatments?

I don’t have bad acne but I have a date tomorrow and i have two pimple on my chin that appeared out of nowhere….is there anything that will make them go away by tomorrow or at least make them less visible?
im freaking out and i don’t know what to do…the last thing i want is to go on a date with a couple pimples on my chin. I’m looking for something i can do at home…does toothpaste actually work?

admin answers:

Girl, you NEED to get this stuff called Zapzyt!!!! It works wonders! I swear, it will like dry out your pimples in one day. It is in a white little tube with orange writting on it. I’m sure you can get it at any grocery story or walgreens or something

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