Acne Treatments While Pregnant

Sandra asks…

Can someone please explain uses of contraceptive pill to me please?

We are 18 and mt girlfriend is going on the pill. I’m going to be pretty honest here, I’m scared because she’s using it and going on holiday to Zante – id be an idiot not to be a little concerned about what she’s doing out there but I have no choice but to trust her.

She told me that she is taking it to delay her period, so she does not get it whilst on holiday.

When I ask her off guard, her first reaction is so she doesn’t get pregnant – I’m scared she’s only on it so she can cheat on me on holiday, she teases me about it and it really hurts me to think this.

She said she started taking the pill, this month after the end of her period. She is due to go in holiday just over 2 weeks from now.

She also explained she is taking two packs back to back (someone explain what this does please) and that as a result she is still on her period and will be for the next 2 weeks – I have not seen her with any extra bag toiletries or frequent restroom visits like she woud normally do.

Is this correct? Or is it just am excuse not to have sex with me. She discussed us having sex later in the week when she stays at mine, I asked what about the period and she said she should be ok by then?

Something doesn’t add up. When I tried to question her further she patronised me. I am not stupid, I do understand biology and I’ve done my own research on this but as of yet I have not read anything about the pill causing bleeding, rather it causes the opposit and tricks the body into thinking it is pregnant, and then a woman only bleeds when she comes off the pill – is this correct?

Am I also correct in thinking that if her reasoning for holiday was true, then she could take a non-contraceptive type of treatment? My sister explained she did something similar once, she has ever been on the pill properly, she tried it didn’t like it and didn’t agree with the safety of it.

Also, is it true that the contraceptive injection completely prevents mensturation for 3 years?

admin answers:

Birth control pills prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation. The woman cannot get pregnant and does not get a normal period either. However, most birth control pills have three weeks worth of “active” pills and then a week of “inactive” placebo pills. This break in the hormones causes bleeding similar to a normal period. If a woman wants to avoid this bleeding, instead of taking the inactive pills she just moves on to a new pack and continues to take more active pills. This is what your girlfriend means by taking them back to back.

Most birth control pills contain synthetic forms of both estrogen and progestin. These hormones stabilize a woman’s natural hormone levels, and prevent estrogen from peaking mid-cycle. Without the estrogen peak, the pituitary gland does not release other hormones that normally cause the ovaries to release mature eggs. Combination pills are more effective than progestin-only pills and cause less breakthrough bleeding. Some women cannot tolerate estrogen though and prefer the progestin-only pill, which has more of a chance of breakthrough bleeding. There are no inactive pills in progestin-only packs and they are less successful at stopping your period short term.

Breakthrough bleeding is vaginal bleeding that occurs during the active pills. This is a common side effect during the first 3 months of use and up to 50% of users may experience this while their bodies get adjusted to the pills.

There is no other way to stop your periods other than taking constant doses of birth control. As for the Depo injection – irregular, heavy, or no periods are common side effects. After a year or more of use, many women do stop having periods. After the last shot of Depo it can take over 6 months for the drug to leave the body. Side effects such as headaches, lack of period, low libido and acne may linger until the drug is completely gone.

It is very understandable to want to skip periods while on vacation, especially if the vacation involves being in water and on the beach. If your girlfriend wanted to cheat on you, she wouldn’t need birth control to prevent pregnancy, she could just use condoms. In fact, she would still need to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted infections. If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong then that’s another story altogether. Relationships need trust to survive, and if you don’t trust her you need to figure out why that is and address it before she leaves.

Maria asks…

Can I use this acne product while I am pregnant?

It is called Zapzyt. I just want to use a little on my forehead and my chin, not my whole face. Is it safe, and if it isn’t, why? Thank you all for your answers!
What is safe to use?

admin answers:

I use it but then again I am not doctor so I think you should call and check. But it does work pretty well like a spot treatment and removes the pimple relatively fast:]

Susan asks…

Is it safe to use depilatory creams (Nair) while pregnant?

I was thinking this may be a heck of a lot easier than trying to shave at this point. I feel that they are probably ok because its topical, but I wanted to hear what others’ have heard. TIA!

admin answers:

I actually asked this same question and found an article that’s says its 100% safe to use products like these during pregnancy. I’ll go back and find the article and give you the link to it so that you can read up on it. :) give me one sec.

Here is the link to the page..


this article tells you about the following things listed below and if they are safe during pregnancy or not.
-sunless tanning lotion
-acne treatment & wrinkle creams
-hair remover/depilatories
-bug spray
-body products with soy
-hydrocortisone and benadryl cream
-cosmetics & hair care

oh and i absolutely agree with the woman below when she says to use the sensitive formula and try it on a small are of your skin before applying to your whole leg, because some women do have a reaction to these products. Such as itching and burning.

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