Acne Treatments While Pregnant

Betty asks…

Is it okay to Sugar while on Accutane?

I use sugaring wax for my legs and bikini area, and I want to know if I can continue that when I start my accutane. I already know that my face will be too sensitive to use anything on there.

admin answers:

When my daughter was on accutane it was just her face and lips that was affected with the severe drying and peeling. They gave her a moisturizer for her lips. I think it was called Aquaphor or something like that. I really don’t think your legs are going to be affected with the treatment. I wouldn’t do it if they were just because open skin is an invite for bacteria and sugar would feed the bacteria.

Good luck with the process, although a little painful it was the best thing my daughter ever did. She did it at 16 and they told her most likely she would need another course in a couple of years, but never did. Her skin has been beautiful and completely acne free ever since. She was lucky that she had no scarring. She is now 23 and you would never know she had problem skin. Her acne started about 5th or 6th grade and was small pimples everywhere. We spent so much money on dermatologists through the years and one course of accutane worked miracles. Just keep an eye on your mood and know that it can cause suicidal thoughts in some. We never experienced this and I think it is more common in boys. Also, if you are sexually active, take extra precaution to insure you do not become pregnant. Good luck to you.

James asks…

What is the safest treatment for acne when you are pregnant?

admin answers:

Nothing better than using natural ingrediants so check this out:

Banish Those Pimples Treatment

1Egg beaten
1Teaspoon fresh lemon juice
3Tablespoons fresh mint leaves washed and chopped
1/2Cup plain yoghurt beaten

1. Mix the first 3 ingredients together in a small dish and then into your scalp.
2. While your scalp is getting treated, prepare another paste of yogurt and mint leaves.
3. Wash face well.
4. Pat dry.
5. Apply the mint paste on your face.
6. Leave it on for an hour.
7. Rinse off with room temperature water.
8. Repeat treatment atleast thrice a week for best results.
9. Also, make sure to drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
10. Eat healthy and nutritious foods.
11. You will soon be pimple free!

Lizzie asks…

Is taking pill to avoid pregnancy has any side effects?

this is the 7th day of my period.I did sex with my boy friend.since there was no safety I am little bit scary about getting pregnant.sperms had not entered as he took that away.Is it good to take pill.I don’t know it has side effects or not.plz guide me ASAP.whether it will make sure to avoid pregnancy and any effect on periods.plz reply me.

admin answers:

If even he took away, it is possible that some of the semens dropped into you. Nothing can be said for sure. If getting pregnant is really that scary for you, I would suggest you to take a pill. As far as side effects are concerned, pills do not offer 100% guarantee, but I guess you can be 99.99% sure. Most side effects of oral contraceptives are not serious, and occur infrequently. But, there is no consensus about its side effects. You can read the following article if you like. All the best!

1. Survey Finding:: Sixty-one percent of women surveyed believe the Pill causes weight gain.

Fact: Not all birth control pills cause weight gain. An equal number of women tend to gain weight as lose weight while taking a birth control pill. In clinical studies of Ortho Tri-cyclen, women reported no more weight gain than women who were taking inactive pills. Women concerned about weight gain should talk with their healthcare professionals.

2. Survey Finding: Almost half of survey respondents believe women need to take a break from using the Pill.

Fact:: Women don’t need a break from the Pill. “Today, more women are using the Pill and staying on it longer,” said Dr. Thomas. “And, research shows that women do not need to take a break from the Pill.” Healthcare professionals can prescribe birth control pills to healthy, nonsmoking women over 40. But, how long a woman stays on the Pill is something she should discuss with her healthcare professional.

3. Survey Finding: Forty-three percent of survey respondents believe that the birth control pill can be an effective acne treatment.

Fact: Not all birth control pills are clinically proven to treat acne. There is only one Pill approved by the Food and Drug Administration and clinically proven to help reduce moderate acne and maintain clearer skin. In clinical studies, nearly nine out of 10 women who took Ortho Tri-cyclen showed significant improvements in their skin.

4. Survey Finding: Twenty-one percent of women surveyed believe the Pill can cause infertility.

Fact: There is no clinical evidence that the Pill affects fertility. When a woman is ready to become pregnant, she should consult her healthcare professional and stop taking her birth control pills. Most women experience a rapid return to fertility.

5. Risks and Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

The Pill is not for everyone. Although most side effects of oral contraceptives are not serious, and occur infrequently, there are some side effects which can be life threatening. The most serious risks associated with pill use include blood clots, stroke, and heart attacks. These risks are increased if you smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of serious cardiovascular side effects, especially in women over 35. It is strongly advised that women who use oral contraceptive not smoke.
Do birth control pills increase your risk of developing breast cancer? While some studies have reported an increase in the risk of developing breast cancer, the majority of studies have found no overall increase in this risk. If you are concerned by a possible increased risk of breast cancer, talk to your clinician about your personal risk and how it relates to your use of oral contraceptives.

Certain women should never use the Pill, including women who have blood clots, certain cancers, a history of heart attack or stroke, as well as those who are or may be pregnant.

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