Acne Treatments While Pregnant

Ken asks…

can you do the asprin acne treatment while pregnant?

you cant take asprin so would you be able to do the acne treatment? would it be the same as taking it? I hate how i break out sometimes!! so just wondering if i could do this! thanks!
wow totally spelled that wrong… aspirin****
or advil either one?

admin answers:

Nope. Were not supposed to do any acne treatment while pregnant.. Especially anything with aspirin or advil.

Jenny asks…

What acne treatments can you use while pregnant?

I am currently on Retina-Micro and using neutrogena face wash with 2 % Sal. Acid. I sometimes use mask, and peels ( not strong) like from Wal-mart. I’ve searched a few sites. I was just curious what you mothers use for acne. I’ve had acne since I was 12 so it’s nothing new to me. Thanks for you suggestions ! =)

admin answers:

I’ve read that salicylic acid is not allowed while you’re pregnant. Find something with benzoyl peroxide as it’s active ingredient.

Sandy asks…

Can I use acne wash during pregnancy?

Is it safe to use acne washes and face creams while pregnant? What about ” Nature’s Cure” acne treatment?

I will ask my doctor next week, but until then just wondering if anyone had any advice. Thanks.

admin answers:

Nature’s Cure is a pill, isn’t it? I wouldn’t suggest using it without consulting a doctor. You could also try checking the box or looking for a Nature’s Cure website. I’m sure they have info about it somewhere.

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