Acne Treatments While Pregnant

Donald asks…

How do I get rid of acne completely?

I’ve had acne for about 2 years now and I still can’t get rid of it. I have all the lotions and cream on prescription from the pharmacy/chemist but sometimes I can’t find the time to apply it everyday and so this disrupts the removal of the acne and it gets worse for each day I don’t apply it. Does anyone know any ways or offer any hints or tips for as to how to get rid of acne quickly and completely? Thanks.

admin answers:

Let me share my experience with u ;) First u have to remember the cause of the acne, a lot of it will probably be down to hormones…USUALLY your skin gets better when you reach your early 20s…

But theres no set rules, i started having problems acne when i was 18-19! Now 4 years down the line and here i am still with the affliction! Ive tried LOTS things believe me, except for accutane which really should be a last resort. My skin got better when I was on antibiotics (pills) doctor gives those when acne is more severe, and also was using douac and then epiduo gel in combination. I found it took a while to get into the habit of taking my treatments every day, as well as washing face twice a day. But after few months my skin improved a lot.

When i went off the pills and the gel acne came back within a week, and i mean REAL BAD. But i didnt want go back on antibiotics as im not too keen on the potential long term effects.
Anyway now ive tried different things since then, including changing my diet…There are studies which have shown a link between dairy foods and acne, some beleive its because of the hormones dairy food contains (natural because its pregnant cow usually lol and also the ones they INJECT into them to make them produce more milk). I used to drink about a gallon milk every week, as well as yogourt and lots cheese, i was addicted to the stuff! Its been a month or so now and ive gone off it all completely (ecxept few occasions)and u know what? ITS WORKING! Seriously, ive stopped using the creams, the pills, and im using a gentle face was now cos my skin was damaged with all those harsh chemicals. I still have red marks from acne spots and i still get a few but its definitely improving with time.

My advice be patient, stick to ur treatment, and if something is not working move on somethin else, different things work different people…I would strongly recommend though u try go off dairy foods or at least limit them..Good luck… It will get better eventually :)

Sharon asks…

What happens to your menstral cycle when you go on birth control?

My doctor put me on birth control for acne. I am not sexually active but I would like to know what happens to my period. She told me it will become shorter and all of that but I want to know if it affects when I will get my period? Mine is normally not regular and it comes at different times of the month. Thanks for you advice!

admin answers:

You don’t have a menstrual cycle on birth control.
Hormonal birth control works by suppressing your menstrual cycle all together to stop ovulation so that you cannot get pregnant – the bleeding you get while on birth control is withdrawal bleeding which is bleeding caused by the drop in synthetic hormones during your placebo or week break. The bleeding will come regularly (although initially bleeding can be irregular while your body adjusts) based on the order in which you take your pills, it may also be lighter because as well as stopping ovulation hormonal birth control also prevents secondary uterus lining build-up so that if an egg was fertilised it would be prevented from implanting itself in your womb.

You should NOT be on birth control for acne!
Even if your acne is hormonal (I hope your doctor at least ran tests to confirm this) it should be treat with acne treatment or hormonal treatment – hormonal birth control won’t actually help the problem of acne or irregular cycles, it will just cover-up the problem for as long as you take the birth control. Hormonal birth control has a massive effect on your body physically, emotionally and mentally as well as having a wide range of potential side-effects as a result. Even as use as birth control or to treat severe health problems like endometriosis it is an option that should only be used after serious consideration of less extreme methods. I suggest going back to your doctor for proper treatment.

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Mandy asks…

what can i do to control acne during pregnancy?

I know your hormones are out of control, but is there anything that will help acne breakouts?

admin answers:

I can’t see why you can’t use “tea tree oil” i use Thursday Plantation 100% pure Tea Tree Oil..and i use redwin hand wash on my face to cleanse…it’s soap free/ph balanced/no perfume..costs $5 for 750ml..and a pure witch hazel toner. I moisturise with neutrogena oil free moistuizer for sensitive skin…i find this combo works for me as i have monthly breakouts.
Just note what not to use below “sacylic acid is one of them” so im thinking stay away from harsh chemicals that absorb into the skin.
Here’s the article i found–
The changes that a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy are numerous, and often frustrating. Acne is one of those problems. Breaking out in acne during pregnancy is a fairly common occurrence. This is especially the case for the woman who is naturally prone to having acne breakouts. Changes in hormones and hormone levels during pregnancy result in the skin producing more oils, and thus more acne. This increased oils production is probably also responsible for the “glow” that many pregnant women seem to have. During pregnancy, acne can break out not only on the face, but also on the body. Fortunately, there are some things that you can try to use to deal with breaking out in acne during your pregnancy.

One of the most obvious but also the most effective ways to deal with breaking out in acne during pregnancy is to keep your skin clean. After you clean your skin, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove any soap residue that might be left over. Use an oil-free facial cleanser, and avoid soaps that contain oils or other irritating substances.

Another important part about dealing with acne during pregnancy has to do with prevention. Specifically, it is important to keep your hands off. Here, it is important to keep in mind that touching your acne will only make it worse. Keep your hands off those pimples. As tempting as it is to pop them or pick at them, this can cause the bacteria to spread. Picking at them can create acne scars.

During pregnancy, stress management is extremely important, not only in terms of your overall health, but in terms of your acne breakouts. Controlling stress may help to control your acne. Along with stress, keeping an healthy diet and regularly exercising can help control acne. Regular daily exercise can help to increase blood flow to the skin, and will help it to be more tone and stay more healthy.

Finally, you should take caution when using acne medications during pregnancy. Over-the-counter Acne treatments that include benzoyl peroxide have been tested as safe to use while pregnant. A prescription treatment called Oral erythromycin is an alternative to tetracycline that is safe for use in pregnant women and young children. There are also many natural skin-care products that may be safe for both you and baby. Stay away from any acne medications that contain Tetracycline, Salicyclic Acid (a common ingredient in over-the-counter acne treatments), Tretinon (sold under the brand name Retin-A), and Isotrentinoin (sold under the brand name Accutane).

With some extra care and a little patience, you may find that you can avoid or reduce breaking out in acne during pregnancy

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