Acne Treatments While Pregnant

Steven asks…

Can you use the Noxema face pads while pregnant?

Certain websites and people say it’s not good to use acne medications while pregnant. I am having bad breakouts at times tho and I need to know if it’s unsafe to use my regular acne treatment.

admin answers:

I was told to use nothing but soap and water.

James asks…

Is it safe to use acne medications while pregnant?

Im 8 weeks & breaking out a little so I used the clean&clear acne spot treatment. Its a gel that u put on ur face. Is it safe to use it?

admin answers:

My doctor told me that only soaps were 100% safe. So, I didn’t use anything but a daily face wash.


Lizzie asks…

Is it ok to use skinid face wash while pregnant?

I was recently reading an article about how there are certain face washes and treatments you shouldn’t use while pregnant. Well I’m almost 6 months pregnant and have been using skinid this whole entire time. Is it safe for me to keep using it or are there certain chemicals that could be harmful to my baby?

admin answers:

No, you shouldn’t use it.

Any acne medicine with Salicylic acid should not be used during pregnancy and Skin ID does contain that acid.

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