Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Donald asks…

how long does ziana acne gel take to work?

started using about 3.5-4 weeks ago and some mornings i will wake up and my skin will appear smooth though not clear yet. then other mornings i will wake and i am in a totaly breakout on my forehead. they are little whiteheads and some are bigger like cysts which i never got before. how long should i expect to see results? 3 months 12 weeks? helllp?

admin answers:

I never heard or used that product, but if any acne products don’t start showing result within 2 weeks than it is not working. Some acne products do make you worst before better. You need to cleanse, treat, and then moisturize. Don’t touch your face during the day. Also, you should try taking victims like B5 and zinc. I was on tretinoin and it did nothing for me. This was prescribed right? Just go back to the dermatologist and tell them you don’t think it is working. Maybe you need a up in the dosage or an oral medication.

Sandra asks…

How long does it take for acne to clear up?

I had moderate cyst acne and regular I saw a dermatologist and they Prescribed me Tretinoin Creme 0.025% and Minocylcine I been on Mino for 4-5 weeks but started the creme late so only been on it for 2-3 weeks at the max I was wondering how long it will take for it to clear up completely or notice a difference…. The pill cleared up the cyst swelling part to some degree still have redness and new pimples forming

admin answers:

I was on Minocylcine too, it took about two months for my acne to be drastically reduced. But it didn’t get rid of my acne completely, and I found that since everyones skin is different, it wasn’t like a miracle pill, I still had to deal with bad skin. I use Dove Soap and it does help a lot too

James asks…

How long after getting prescription acne medication does it take for acne to clear up?

I’m going to the dermatologist on Saturday for a case of mild-moderate acne (face and upper back). I would hopefully like to have somewhat clear skin by a formal school dance in early June. Is it possible/likely that my skin will be cleared in 3-4 weeks?

admin answers:

It really does depend, i got some and mine was clearing up in the first couple of days, but some people it take 2-3 months for it to kick in, sorry i couldn’t give you a better answer

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