Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Sandy asks…

How to clear pimples fast in about 2-4 weeks?

My face has a little bit of acne but i want a clear face.Can you help me? Any thing i can do at home mask or something?

admin answers:

This is what i do: Wash my face with a soap i prefer neutragena then put on the spot(s) a cream (I use proactive).

Maria asks…

What is a good acne product that I can buy at Walmart?

I’m looking for an acne product that works very well and that I can buy at my local Walmart. I have been using Acne Free for a few weeks now and it has made some improvements, but I have been noticing that my face is appearing very red and looking like I have bad sunburn. I need something that will clear up my acne without redness or drying out too bad. My skin is fairly sensitive and I just need something that will work and something that I can aford. Any advice would be very helpful, thank you.

admin answers:

The Today Show recently did a comparison of ProActiv and Oxy. They show the people before and after using each for 4 weeks. The dermatologist said the products achieved equal results, with the Oxy being much less expensive.

I’ve linked the page for the report, it’s the video in the box on the right.

Lisa asks…

How many skincare products do you use every day?

I use 4 products EVERY SINGLE DAY. These are just things I swear by. I use other products too like face masks and stuff like that, but only once a week or so.

I use a 10% benzoyl peroxide spot treatment gel in the morning and night
Sunblock every morning before I leave the house
Clean & Clear acne fighting moisturizer every night
ROC retinol eye cream every night

admin answers:

I dont use any becuase I dont need to use them

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