Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Chris asks…

How to clear up acne in a week?

Yeah i’m going to be hanging with my girlfriend next week and i wanna clean my face up a little bit.
I know it’s impossible for everything to without buying products what can i eat or avoid?
what can i buy from a store that also can help?
no proactive or things like that.

admin answers:

This is what I would do.
1.) Drink lots of water.
2.) Change your pillowcase.
3.) Eat healthy stuff like vegetables, fruits, etc.
4.) Avoid junk food.
5.) Try not to touch your face. (Or else when you touch it you’ll make the bacteria and dirt go into your skin more. That’s not what you want!)
6.) Wash/clean your face everyday with soap.
7.) Get lots of sleep. (This particularly helped me a lot! :) )

That’s what I would do if I couldn’t buy any products, but I use products so the result may be a little bit different than the result you would have with products. Sorry if this didn’t help! :(

Good luck!

Sandra asks…

How do I get clear skin over the summer?

I have pretty bad acne and i want to get rid of it during the summer.
Any products i can use?

admin answers:

Make a skin care regime and use it 2x a day EVERY day- Once in the morning, Once at night. Buy a few products (Or possibly a system) and use ONLY this in your routine. You should have a cleanser/wash, a toner, a scrub, a moisturizer, and for once a week, a face mask- make sure all of your products are for acne-prone skin to get the best results.
An Example Routine:
1. Wash face with acne cleanser.
2. Apply acne scrub and massage whole face, rinse off.
3. Put toner on cotton ball and clean whole face with.
4. Pat face dry and apply moisturizer.

I find that Clean & Clear and Neutrogena products work well. So, if you keep up your routine, your skin should be looking clear in no time! Good luck and I hope I helped!

Ken asks…

How long would it take for my face to be clear if I clean it everyday?

:( I never break out but I have some pimples now and they need to go away..ugh! I’m starting to use this pomegranate mask though I have to use it 3-4 times a week will it help any? I’m using this neutrogena pink grapefruit wash but it’s not really doing anything for me. Help?

admin answers:

Ive been down the acne route with many dermatologists but heres a little tip snce yours isnt bad

Id say skip the mask, keep using the wash 2x a day, and add some acne control moisturizer or cream.

Key here: decide if SALACYLIC ACID or BENZOYL PEROXIDE works better for you. Things clean and clear or cleasil acne cream you can get at the drugstore for like $7 for a tube. And use that once a day or everyother day constantly and youll be all clear

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