Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Nancy asks…

How long does it take for acne systems to start working?

I have Arbonne clear advantage cleanser, toner, acne cream and pills, all in one system…ive been using it for about a week now, and my skin seems pretty much the same, just less red and stuff. How long does it take for the pimples to actually start fading with ANY kind of acne system? If you have this system that i have, please tell me how long it took for it to work for you…if u dont have what i have, just tell me how long it took for whatever system you have to work, please?

Thanks loads

admin answers:

Hello there I use the clear advantage and it took about 3 to 4 week to really see a difference!! But after that it just keeps get better!! I would give at least a 2 or 3 more weeks! But if then you don’t see a change, contact the consultant that you got it from and maybe you need something different!! If you don’t have server acne I would ask to try a sample of the intelligence line! I have now changed to this line and love it!! If you have any other questions please fell free to email me!!

Jenny asks…

What is moisturizer and do guys with acne use them?

I have some acne and i wanted to know if moisturizer helps? What is moisturizer? What are good brands for GUYS? Is it like lotion?

admin answers:

I’ve had acne forr like 4 years and NOTHING worked at all. I went to a derm. And everything she told me to used and everything she perscribed me, worked for like a week then stopped.
Ok so i have very sensitive skin and it dries easily and gets oily easily.
So this is what i do … Get a bar of dial soap… The soft and moisturizing kind. Then get clean&clear acne control advantage moisturizer and clean&clear acne control advantage fast clearing spot treatment.
Then wash your face with dial soap every night and then after washing your face, use the clean&clear stuff.
Only thing that hass ever worked for meeeee.
Ohhh and drink lotssss of waterr cuz it idk hahah but peoplee always tell me to drink lots of water (:
hopee i helped ;p

Lisa asks…

What are the best acne products for severe acne?

I don’t want to go on Accutane because i’ve heard it has some very serious side effects. I also have very sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin. I usually get acne badly on my cheeks and sometimes forehead. I’ve tried Proactiv, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena, Acne Free, etc. I was going to start the regimen but I was wondering if there were any other products out there first . Thank you!
P.S. If you have any suggestions about good products for lightening acne macules or marks that would be really helpful as well! :)

admin answers:

Let me tell you, you can do it yourself.
I had TONS of acne and I got rid of it without even seeing a dermatologist!
Here’s what i did:

1). I stopped eating chocolate and candy.
2) .I stopped eating junk food such as chips, fries and all those Fast Food crap.
3) .I started doing exercise at least 3 time a week (even though you sweat like crazy, your pores get cleansed)
4) .I started washing my face daily and finding products that had most effect on my skin. (drugstore products. Try ???)
5) .I started drinking 1 cup of green tea daily with NO sugar.
6). I started eating 3 meals a day regularly.
7) .I didn’t put foundation on and still don’t.
8). I was committed to all of those things above.


It took about 2 weeks until I started noticing results and in one month and a half my face was acne free. Try some of those things and maybe it will work for you too!

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