Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Sandra asks…

Has anyone previously used OBAGI Clenziderm MD for their acne?

I have been using Obagi Clenziderm MD for about 4 weeks. It’s a prescription medicine from the dermatologist to clear up my acne. After about two weeks, my skin was starting to clear up but now i have been getting more pimples and my skin is very dry and keeps peeling. Is this supposed to happen? Has anyone else used it? Opinions?

admin answers:

The cheapest way to fight acne.

Your acne is cause by your oily skin. Bacteria loves oily skin. Wash your face three times a day with only warm water. If you don’t have access to a sink, use a tissue paper to dry your skin (gently patting it on your skin to soak up all the oil).

For spot treatments, wash (with only warm water) and dry your face then use an unscented alcohol base hand sanitizer (like germ-x) on the spot.

Ruth asks…

How can I get rid of my acne and why do I even have still it?

Le me start off by saying I have never had acne before in my life. Around late July though, I entered a very stressful period of my life and it unforchanately did not end until about 3-4 weeks ago. In July, I started getting tons of little colorless zits (remember, I used to have clear skin all the time!) so I figured they were stress zits. They currently are full blown zits, by the way.
However, now I’m perfectly content and not stressed out anymore but my breakouts just continue to get worse, instead of slowly dwindling out like I assumed they eventually would, with time.
Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has gone through something like this as well, and what kind of products or procedures do you use that actually WORK on your skin?
I currently just wash my face with a Clean & Clear cleanser but no acne medication, because everything I’ve tried does absolutely nothing.
Thanks =]

admin answers:

I don’t know how old you are, but sometimes people who did not get zits as teens get them as adults. Try a gentle face scrub, followed by a cleanser, then use astringent with cotton ball. If your face gets very dry from this, you can use a light moisturizer. You should wash your face twice a day. Keep in mind that ‘full blown zits’ can leave scars and it might be a good idea to check with a dermatologist. The advice here about diet is good; something in your diet could be causing it. I found that eating spanish peanuts gives me zits and sometimes peanut butter will, too. Pay attention to any triggers, or medication you might be taking that is causing it to flare. Also, use products for sensitive skin; less alcohol. I have had luck with diluted tea tree oil – always dilute it 1/2 & 1/2 or it will burn your skin. Dab on after cleansing skin.

Sandy asks…

How long does it take differin cream to start working?

I’ve been using it at night for 4 weeks, and my acne has gotten much much worse from when i started! its horrible!
i also just started using 10% benzoyl peroxide the past 2 weeks, morning and night, and thats when the breakouts have gotten worse- should i stop using the benzoyl and just stick with differin?
and how long did it take for you to clear up all your acne with differin?

admin answers:

Differin takes a long time to work fully. I’ve been using it alone for like 3 months and I’m just getting past the initial breakout.

If your dermatologist only gave you differin to use then I suggest thats what you do. You just really have to be patient even though I know its frustrating. The benzoyl peroxide is probably too strong for your skin

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