Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Lisa asks…

What is the best drugstore acne face wash?

I’ve used Clear Skin (or something like that) and it didn’t work. 10 points to best answer (and best results).
And by drugstore, I mean like Walmart or Target.

admin answers:

Proactive & things from the drugstore are not a one-size fits all solution despite what the marketing suggests & they don’t work for all people. Plus it’s expensive. Don’t believe all the hype on it. They are a commercially made line of detergents and chemicals. Since your skin is natural you need natural products.

Things to do to help oily face, pimples, blackhead & the such….

1.) Don’t ever pick/pop them… If you must pop them wait till they have a head and use cotton balls. Popping causes the oil & bacteria to go to near by spots and cause more pimples
2.) Wash your face twice a day. Morning and before you get to bed.
3.) Do not over wash your face.
4.) Get a natural soap that contains Tea Tree EO. I get mine at:

Tea Tree EO kills all the nasty bacterias that causes pimples. A plus this soap doesn’t smell girly. Smells like peppermint and cools the skin.

5.) Also get an astringent. But use it only every other day because you do not want to send the oil producing pores into overdrive.

If you follow these things for a few weeks your skin will look great

Just remember this dry skin looks old and worn. You face needs a little oil to look youthful.

Laura asks…

How can i get rid of acne and its scars?

My skin was clear at first but from a week or so i got some bad acnes, which i think are planning to spread more. Help me out.

admin answers:

For the scars – if its really deep chances r it wont go but there r some stuff u can get which help to get rid of scars.
There r a lot of stuff u can do for acne problems,
1. Wash ur face with a face fash( be careful about this!) or a non-medicated soap.
2. Dont use the same towel that had been used by others too.
3. Wash your pillow-cover every twice a week.
4. Get use to tieing ur hair back because ur hair can get into your face and spreads more acne.
5. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.
6. Avoid junk food for a while even if u r addicted to it!
7. Excersise or do some physical activity.
8. Dont keep touching ur face!
9. Dont pop ur pimple if u really want to then, pour hot water to a bowl, then take a towel and cover it in ur head with ur face ON the water. Then the hot steam will touch ur skin and make it moisturized and it wont hurt when popping then and wont leave scars. It burns a little bit but it’s worth a try!
10. Use benzoyl peroxide on the affected areas – if u keep using it a lot – it may make ur skin dry if it does then use a GOOD moisturizer( make sure it wont harm ur skin!).
11. Stay away from sunlight and pollution. Dont wear much make-up unless its really necessary cuz make-up makes acne even worse! And try and keep ur face as clean as possible!

Hope it helped!!

Paul asks…

Is baby acne more likely if the baby is being breast fed?

My daughter is 4 1/2 weeks old and she has got these fine bumps all over her face and neck. I’m pretty sure that its not a heat rash as I make sure that she’s not to hot or overdressed. I was searching for the answer to my question and I had seen that somebody had said that the bumps were baby acne from hormones passed by the mother and that it’s most visible in breast-fed babies. Is that true? If so, how long till the bumps clear?

admin answers:

I was told it is from the mother’s hormones wearing off that were shared inutero, not ones that could be shared currently. Sometime between 4-6 weeks, mom’s hormones in baby’s system start to wear off and the acne appears. It has nothing to do with bottle or breast feeding. Both of my child were cleared up within 2-3 weeks. Good luck!

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