Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Paul asks…

Is there an easy way to clear up the whiteheads on my face?

I have some whiteheads and a few black heads on my face and I can’t seem to find the right product to clear them up. Does anyone know a soap or product that would help me?

admin answers:

You never get rid of white/blackheads “for good”. You have to get rid of them, then maintain a regimen to minimize their recurrence. You have a few options that I’ve used- Pore Strips, Blackheadmask-Before you use any method, I would recommend that you STEAM your face first. Be careful though. Get a pot, fill it half way with hot water, get it to boil. SHUT OFF the stove, and place your face above the steam. Again, be careful. You can also get a towel, soak it in hot water, and cover your face with it. Just make sure it’s not hot enough to burn your skin. Then, do whatever treatment you want to do. After the treatment/strip/mask- Rinse your face with COLD WATER, then close your pores with either 1.salicylic Acid, or 2. Benzoyl Peroxide/acne medication 3. Sulfur ( I use de la cruz 10% but it is very drying) 4. Tea Tree oil (I’m going to be trying this one soon) to kill the bacteria that causes them in the first place. Go to if you’d like to purchase the mask (20$) but shipping takes a couple of weeks. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!

Laura asks…

What is the best way and fastest way to clear up your face?

I struggle with a few pimples here and there and I just want to know what the quickest way to clear them up is. And if you have anything to say on how to keep them away. I would greatly appreciate it. :)

admin answers:

Wash your face twice daily to start.

First, check with your pharmacist to see what they recommend. There are Benzoyl Peroxide and salicylic acid acne treatments that help mild to moderate acne. You must use them as directed religiously in order for them to work. Allow about 4-6 weeks to start seeing improvements. If this doesn’t help you may want to consult with a dermatologist.
Retin A (generically called Tretinoin) is the best topical prescription cream according to my dermatologist. Since I got a script from him I haven’t had any more breakouts. It may be covered under your insurance (otherwise it costs about $60-70 tube – but a little goes a long way). Just don’t stop using the stuff or they can come back.

Ken asks…

Is baby acne more likely if the baby is being breast fed?

My daughter is 4 1/2 weeks old and she has got these fine bumps all over her face and neck. I’m pretty sure that its not a heat rash as I make sure that she’s not to hot or overdressed. I was searching for the answer to my question and I had seen that somebody had said that the bumps were baby acne from hormones passed by the mother and that it’s most visible in breast-fed babies. Is that true? If so, how long till the bumps clear?

admin answers:

1. I am currently nursing my 9 month old, he never had any baby “acne”

2. My brothers 3 formula fed babies all had baby acne for months

3. Hormones such as estrogen and testosterone are not present in breastmilk…i’m pretty sure its testosterone that makes acne worse

4. Are they the worst between folds of skin? Even if clothing is loose and breathable, she could still be getting a heat rash just from the folds of skin, it does get sweaty in there!
:D good luck

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