Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

John asks…

What is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of acne?

I have a very oily face which causes me to get acne and blackheads very frequently. HELP.

admin answers:

Wash your face twice a day with warm water and a good face wash.
You can buy good face washes just about anywhere, they’re not too exspensive.
I recommend a wash with salicylic acid. It will work just fine with less irritation.
* Benzoyl Peroxide is also effective at treating acne, but in my experience it causes a lot of dryness and redness.

After you wash, make sure you moisturize your skin within 5 minutes.
* It’s important to use a non-comedogenic lotion. These kind of lotions do not irritate the skin.
* Keeping your face moisturized will reduce dryness and your face will be less oily. It’s very important.

Never touch your face or pop your pimples. Popping them will only make them worse, and they’ll spread.
- If you must pop them, wipe your face immediately after with alcohol. This will kill the bacteria so they won’t spread.
* Alcohol will dry your face out really fast so I wouldn’t do this very often.

*Lemon Juice is used as a homeopathic treatment for acne. Lemon juice also contains one of the AHAs or Alpha Hydroxy Acids and can be used to slough off dead skin, promoting skin elasticity, and enabling new skin cell growth rise from underneath.

Keep your pillow cases clean. Wash them often. Once a week if possible.

This isn’t a one time thing, you have to continue this over time to see a difference. Once you get in the routine it will become natural and your face will be flawless!

*** Products I use..

1.) Clean&Clear – Advantage (3 in 1 foaming face wash)
2.) Clean&Clear – Advantage (Acne control moisturizer)
3.) CeraVe moisturizing face wash and lotion
4.) Neutrogena ( On The Spot)
5.) Stridex pads (Sensitive)

- I use 1 in the shower, and sometimes before bed.
- I use 2 before bed on most night.
- I use 3 in the morning to make my face look nice. The lotion won’t make your face look oily.
- I use 4 when I see a breakout starting.
- I use 5 when I get home from school, and randomly when I feel like my face is dirty.

Paul asks…

What are some things i can do to stop my acne? Natural ways not proactive or any of that?

Okay im looking for a way to stop my acne, why cant there just be a simple solution, not 100,000 different ways that seems like its trial and error. Anyone know some things i can do ?

admin answers:

If you are looking to get clear skin without treatments, then the best place to start is by creating an environment on your facial skin in which it is difficult for bacteria to thrive. Here are some tips which I found to really help:

1. Never ever touch your face. If you absolutely must for some reason, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap first.

2. Shower before bed each and every night (this includes shampooing your hair, especially if it is long and can touch your face as you sleep). When you go to bed without showering, then all of the dirt, oil and bacteria which have collected on your face, body and hair transfer to your bed linens and pillows and find their way to your face. Also, since nighttime is the time when the body heals and rejuvenates itself, you want to give your body a clean, germ-free slate to work with.

3. Only wash your face twice a day, when you wake up and before bed, and only exfoliate once a day. Overwashing and overexfoliating can cause your skin’s oil production to jump into overdrive, as well as make it more vulnerable to bacteria. Exfoliating is better done at night before bed, for the same reasons mentioned in the paragraph above.

4. Remove makeup as soon as it is no longer necessary to have it on, and then moisturize.

5. Always moisturize, even if you have oily skin. It is a myth that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer. Use a moisturizer with SPF during the day and a night cream for night. I highly recommend Clean and Clear Soft Day and Soft Night for this.

6.Use makeups like Physicians Formula and avoid anything with parabens in it. Look for non-comodogenic and talc-free.

7. Use makeup brushes to apply makeup and wash them with gentle soap once a week. Using disposable cosmetic sponges and throwing them away after each use is also good. Don’t use your fingers to apply makeup, as the germs and oil from your fingers get into the makeup and breed, then get on your face.

8. Wash your bedroom and bathroom linens once per week, and don’t let dirty things touch them. For example, don’t let your pets walk around on your pillows and don’t rub unwashed hands onto towels.

Good luck!

Joseph asks…

How Long Does It Take For Post Acne Marks (Hyperpigmentation) To Clear?

Could it clear in 4 months, or are we looking at a year or two?

admin answers:

Hi. That’s going to depend a great deal on your skin care routine. Do you use a face scrub? I suggest you do. Exfoliation is a huge part of evening out skin tone. It won’t fix everything but it helps. Some marks may not go away at all without going a little more drastic. Nelsphorin is supposed to even help reduce the appearance of old scares but its oil based and it could cause you to break out even more. Buy a face scrub. You can use St. Ives apricot scrub from walmart, target, walgreens. It’s not the beset option but it’s better then no exfoliation and it’s dirt cheap. Clinique cosmetics puts out some very good scrubs. You’ll want to use your scrub after washing about 3 times a week. At first your skin will be more sensitive to the scrub so you may have to start with 2 times a week. And work your way up. The exfoliation is going to help the process of cellular turnover and speed up the re-growth of your skin. Over time it will help fade the marks.

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