Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Steven asks…

How do I clear up breakouts?

Usually my skin is pretty clear, not perfect, but clear. Lately however I’ve been breaking out alot. My cheeks keep getting zits that wont go away and hurt!! Even worse, if I pop them I get nasty scabs. Are there any remedies to help clear it up? I have sensitive skin that dries easily which makes it so much harder.

admin answers:

The best way to get rid of acne is to go see a dermatologist. They will probably prescribe accutane for you. I’m not sure what you’ve heard, If its dangerous etc, but it is the only product on the market proven to work. Like every medication it has its side effects etc, but it really works. I had terrible acne on my back, chest, and face. After 2 months, I no longer get pimples, and all of my old ones are gone, I just have a bit of scaring still on my face and back which get better and fainter all the time. Mederma is a great product for fading scars too and can be found at any pharmacy/drugstore.

Of course, some parents don’t think it’s best to take their kids to a dermatologist and you have to respect their wishes. One thing I found that worked really great for me just at home using simple products was this daily routine:
1. Take a shower when you wake up in the morning and make sure to wash your face, chest, back and any other acne trouble spots with a mild bar soap. (I would recommend cetaphil, you can buy it at any drug store, cvs, etc. It costs about $5) Make sure to keep your hair clean, and wash the rest of you too.
2. When you get home from school remove all make-up. No one is going to see you except you’re family.
3. Every afternoon when you’re done homework, put on running shoes, and play clothes, and get active. 20 minutes on a tredmill, at the gym, or outside playing your favorite sport will actually help. Make sure you work hard enough to sweat. Sweating is good.
4. When you come back from getting some fresh air, go take a shower. Sweating releases all the oil in your pores, along with any dirt. But if you don’t clean it off, it will get stuck right back in the pores, causing more acne. Make sure to run hot water on your skin which opens the pores even more before scrubbing. Then when done run cold water all over your body for a minute, to close the pores back up. You don’t have to wash your hair both 2 times a day, try just keeping it up until the next morning.

Trust me in a week you will definitely see result for this, and its simple, plus a little exercise and fresh air never hurt anyone!

Helen asks…

Will discountinuing Yaz birth control relieve side effects or cause weight gain?

I have been on Yaz birth control for about 7 months now in hopes to clear up my acne and decrease my cramps. Sure enough my face is clear and my cramps are gone. However, after extreme side effects such as: weight gain, skin rash, breast tenderness, and mood swings, I decided it would be best to come off the pill. Has anyone experienced any problems with coming off Yaz. Is it possible to drop the weight gained on the Yaz when coming off? Thank you all!

admin answers:

WOW! I had the exact same symptoms as you, as well as horrible migraines, and nausea. I was on Yaz for almost 4 months and had to switch back to ortho tri cyclen….I did lose the weight I had gained with Yaz…it took about a month or so to lose it. The reason I gained weight on Yaz was because I was nauseous all day and could only eat at dinner. Therefore, sleeping on my one BIG meal of the day (the worst thing I could have done!) caused my weight gain, but I would have been sick if I ate during the day.

Hopefully for you, getting off of yaz will help you tremendously. Although everyone reacts differently, I felt better emotionally within a week of being off of that mess!! Good luck!!

Mary asks…

How do i get my skin as clear as possible as fast as possible?

Hey! i have a show this weekend and i would like to have my skin be as clear as possible! i have a few breakouts and my pores are kinda big
any advice for minimizing pores, getting rid of breakouts and preventing new ones?


admin answers:

1] avoid fried, fast, and junk foods – even diet foods
2] drink 1/2 gallon of water a day
3] take a good quality multivitamin daily
4] eat LOTS of fuits, veggies, and whole grains [ with no junk on them! ]
1] buy a face wash, sunscreen, and moisturizer for your skin type
a] wash and sunscreen in AM
b[ wash and moisturize in PM
2] use a facial scrub [ for your skin type ] twice a week – removes dead skin cells, old oil, and dried sebum [ skin wax ] that clog and enlarge pores
3] use an acne cream or gel on any spots [ Neutrogena or Clearasil work well ]
4] Use ONLY non-comedogenic [ doesn't cause zits ] makeup on face – read ALL labels of stuff for face
5] keep hands and hair OFF face
6] exercise will increase circulation to skin.connective tissue/muscles of face, improving complexion and skin tone

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