Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Sandra asks…

How do you get rid of back acne in 2 weeks?

I have it on by back, and kind of in the middle, but not too bad. Its mostly whiteheads, blackheads, and big pimples. I also have it on my shoulders and right above my chest, which is all tiny blackheads. I need to get rid of it in 2 weeks b/c I am going to Mt. Olympus with friends who have no acne whatsoever, and I don’t what to be talked about.

admin answers:

Here is the 3 Ways to Get Rid of Acne in Less Than 2 Weeks! Don’t Miss These 3 Incredibly Powerful Tips

Tip #1 Do Not Touch Your Acne.

Try not to touch your face, because it will only agitate and promotes the infection and helps bacterias to get more active forming more acne. If you can use a wash cloth and wash your face twice daily instead.

Tip #2 Zinc-enriched food products.

Anything nutritious food with zinc embodied in it is good for the skin. It will help to prevent breakouts and keep your skin looking fresher.Also try some lemon tea to help keep your body normal and keep those toxins out.

Tip #4 There is also a Natural Acne Cure to clear you skin from blackheads and other symptoms of acne that take 2 weeks or less. This is for most people, the best way because Natural treatments are much better than oil based products, and have been proven to be very effective on our skin.

Daniel asks…

What is the best overnight non-prescription acne medication?

I used to use retinae which worked pretty well, but now my prescription is over. And instead of going back to the dermatologist, I want to try something non-prescription, that I can get at CVS or the grocery. What is the best working acne medication cream that you put on for OVERNIGHT before you go to bed, and let it do it’s magic while you are asleep?

admin answers:

Apple Cider Vinegar [Unfiltered]

One of the best and certainly a very effective product to eliminate pimples is garlic. Garlic contains antibiotic properties that are proven safe and effective in treating pimples as well as acne. To use it: get whole garlic, mash it and apply it on the face with extra caution on the area rear the eyes. Let the garlic take effect for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off with warm cloth.

Here are more home remedies to cure pimples:

1. Combine 1 tsp. Of cinnamon powder and 1 tsp of lemon juice. Apply it to the affected area.
2. Combine cinnamon powder with honey and form it into paste. Right before sleeping, apply the mixture to your face and wash it the next morning. Do this every night for about 2 weeks and you will no longer worry about pimples.
3. Mixing grind nutmeg with milk will work to remove pimples instantly.
4. Applying an orange peel paste on the area of your face with pimples is another effective way. The orange peel should become a paste by grinding it with little water.
5. For additional protection from the formation of blackheads, combine 1 part fresh lime juice with 1 part groundnut oil. Apply the mixture to your face.
6. Blend raw papaya fruit to create a juice. This includes the seed and the skin. Apply it on swelling pimples.
7. Use boiled milk combined with fresh lime juice as facial wash for cracked skin, blackheads, and pimples.
8. Combine 1 part of rose water to 1 part of lime juice and apply it in the pimples. Leave it for about 20-30 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.
9. Apply on the affected area for at least 1 hour the pulp of ripe tomatoes. Wash it off with water.
10. Potatoes grated and applied on affected area can cure pimples. It is also effective on curing boils, whiteheads, blackheads, and other skin blemishes.
11. A powdered pomgranate skin & roasted paste mixed with lime juice can treat pimples effectively. This mixture could also treat whiteheads, blackheads, and boils.
12. Ground radish seeds formed into paste and mixed with water remove blackheads.
13. Mix lime juice with ground drumstick pods and leaves. Apply it on the pimples.
14. Mint juice when applied on every evening can treat pimples as well. It also effective in treating scabies, insect stings, skin infections, and eczema.
15. Combine ground sesame seeds paste with water. Apply it on the affected area. It is also effective in treating skin rashes and allergies.
16. To prevent pimples, apply on the face mixture of fresh fenugreek leaves and water. Wash it on the next day with warm water.
17. Mix an equal amount of groundnut oil and fresh lime juice. Apply it on the affected area. Wash it off after about 10-15 minutes. It also prevents blackheads.

Tea Tree Oil is obtained from the Melaleuca alternifoliais tree from Australia. It is very effective against Acne as it contains bacteria-fighting substances called Terpenes. Acne is often caused by bacteria and the Terpenes either outright kill them or weaken them enough to be destroyed by protective antibodies. There are very little side effects from using Tea Tree Oil.

The watery gel from Aloe Vera plant is also a highly effective natural cure against Acne. The enzyme-rich gel has very soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It can also be taken internally and helps clean up and detox the digestive tract. This in turn can help clear up the skin.

Zinc is taken in the form of capsules. It helps to strengthen the human immune system and to repair the skin.

Vitamin A tablets are also a natural and effective Acne cure. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin.

Vitamin E also helps in countering Acne. It is a natural antioxidant and beneficial for the skin.

Vitamin C 3000 – 5000 mg daily protects the body and for its antioxidant properties that are important for healthy skin.

The most important thing to do if you suffer from Acne is to drink at least four pints of water every day. Drinking a lot of water is very beneficial to your skin. Including fresh fruit and leafy green vegetables in your daily diet will also bring about a marked improvement in the quality of your complexion.

Before bathing, apply a mixture of tomato pulp – real tomoto pulp, not packaged or genetically modified – honey and rose-water to your face and keep for twenty minutes before washing off.

At night, before going to bed, apply a mix of cream, glycerin, and lemon juice to your face and again keep it on for a short while before washing.

Regular Yoga exercises will also improve skin and overall health.

Avoid touching your face all the time, keep your hair away from your face, and avoid picking at pimples.

Another important thing if you’re prone to Acne is to avoid using heavy make-up – in fact, it is preferable to avoid make-up altogether. For an effective cure, stay as natural as possible.

Nancy asks…

What’s the best foundation for acne prone skin?

I have acne prone skin, and to cover everything it’s usually a ritual of concealer, then liquid foundation, and then powder on top of that.
Which all of that makeup causes my skin to break out even more. It’s just a mess.
I prefer not to use drugstore products, but if they work for you, then go ahead and tell me, haha!

admin answers:

I have found mineral makeups to accentuate my acne. And makeups with shimmer or subtle sparkles also make my acne more prominate. However on great skin days with no acne using them is fine. If you have acne often and it is something you want to hide I would recommend one of these makeups. They are not drug store and they are not cheap but cover well and won’t create further acne.

Gerlain Silky-Smooth Foundation Semi-matte This can be about $50 bucks whoooa that is pricey

Estee Lauder Doublewear This make up covers every things and lasts 10 hours. $35

Mac Studio Fix, with Studio Powder can soak up oils and cover acne. A matte look that does not accentuate acne NOt sure the price an this may be found in some drug stores not sure.

Lancome Teint Idole silky matte $45

Christian Dior Diorskin Extreme Wear Flawless make up around $50
This works AMAZING but you need the primer Dior Skin control colors GREEN. Green makes ruddy, red, acne scars, acne fade out.

Lastly, I have some tips to really cure or keep acne at bay.

1) Clean, Clean, Clean, I don’t just mean your face every night, but use a cotton ball of alcohol swab to clean your cell phone, you home phone, your head phones…. Use a fresh pillow case every night or flip it over and swith it every other night. The oil from our hair and while we sleep from our face accumulates on the pillow case and goes right to producing more acne.

2) If you have long hair, wash it as often as you can and pull it away from your face when you are at home. Pony tails to keep the grease or dusty hair off your face.

3) Add yogurt to your diet, Zinc vitamins and a good multi.

4) Bubble baths. If you can take a bath every night. The relaxation of the tub helps to clean the pores, relax the body and cope with anxiety which can also lead to acne. My grandma used to say Anger = Acne. If you can let your anger out by going for a walk, run, bike ride, punching a pillow or letting it out with a good yell it won’t need to erupt on your face. (This of course is an old wives tale and does not work for everyone) It does work for me.

5) If the acne is really bugging you go to a dermatologist. They can prescribe a two week round of meds to clear the skin and some creams to keep the skin clear forever. It is worth any price of make up to have clean skin. You will feel more confident and you can use any makeup.

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