Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Laura asks…

Is there any products which work for clearing acne & scarring?

I’m using Dermalogica at the moment which doesn’t make it any worse however i’ve been using this product for 2 + months and i would of thought it would get better after time. My acne is mild but i do have break outs which is so frustrating when you think it’s clearing and hey another break out.I hope i’m not the only one?

admin answers:

Proactive & Dermalogica are not a one-size fits all solution despite what the marketing suggests & doesn’t work for all people. Plus they are expensive. Don’t believe all the hype on it. They are a commercially made line of detergents and chemicals. Since your skin is natural you need natural products.

Things to do to help oily face, pimples, blackhead & the such….

1.) Don’t ever pick/pop them… If you must pop them wait till they have a head and use cotton balls. Popping causes the oil & bacteria to go to near by spots and cause more pimples
2.) Wash your face twice a day. Morning and before you get to bed.
3.) Do not over wash your face.
4.) Get a natural soap that contains Tea Tree EO. I get mine at:

Tea Tree EO kills all the nasty bacterias that causes pimples. A plus this soap doesn’t smell girly. Smells like peppermint and cools the skin.

5.) Also get an astringent. But use it only every other day because you do not want to send the oil producing pores into overdrive.

If you follow these things for a few weeks your skin will look great

Just remember this dry skin looks old and worn. You face needs a little oil to look youthful.

Jenny asks…

How do you get rid of acne in 1 week?

I am going to a ball in 2 weeks and I am in need of help to get rid of them. ( espcially on my back )
So any advice of sugestion are welcome.

admin answers:

Wash your face regularly everyday.
Say like about 3-4 times? When you wake up, come home from school or work,after you exercise and before sleeping.
If you are scrubbing your face, try not to scrub too hard or too much as it may damage your skin and also make it more oily.
Also, don’t forget to moisturize your face (not too much!). Try to use a lighter moisturiser, instead of a rich heavy one.
Try to avoid oily foods and stuff like beef and chocolate (not too sure about the chocolate, but it makes me break out)
you should also get pimple/acne cream to get rid of the pimples. Eg.oxy cover,aksil-5. (stuff with benzoyl peroxide, if your skin is sensitive, try using one with 5% of it instead of 10%)
also, try not to go out in the sun with the cream still on as the cream may make your skin sensitive and you’ll get sunburnt and the skin will peel.
More isn’t necessarily better because if you put too much cream, your skin may peel (like mine >_<)
most importantly, do not pop the pimples! They'll just leave an ugly scar :(
you can also unclog pores using a biore pore pack. Oh, when washing your face, use warm water first and scrub gently, then use cold water to close up the pores :)

ok that's all i know. :) good luck for your ball, i'm sure you'll be gorgeous :D
btw, if it doesn't clear up, you can use concealor and liquid foundation. :)

Thomas asks…

How do you get rid of back acne?

It’s almost summer, and I’m starting to get some acne on my back. I like to go to the pool, but now i’d be to embarrased. What are some quick good tips for getting rid of it?

admin answers:

I’m going to copy and paste this from my other answers.. I hope it helps you!

Okay, you can purchase a back/shoulder/chest acne wash at your pharmacy. Neutrogena has one for sure, but just browse around incase you see something better.

So I’m not sure what product you should use; but I have some tips.
- Wear light t-shirts or tank tops to bed.
- Before you shower, scrub your back with a loofah/back scrubber, then apply the acne cream you’ve chosen. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off.
- It will strengthen your skin if you can get a little bit of sun on it each day – probably 2-4 periods of 15 minutes a week would be great.
- Change/wash your bedsheets often.
- Completely dry your back/chest after your shower before you put on a shirt

Also here’s some things to try:
Clean + Clear
Neutrogena back/shoulder wash
Benzoyl peroxide
Witch hazel
your usual facial wash – but these usually are not as strong as the back washes, so would take longer/not work as well.

Good luck :]

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