Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Laura asks…

How do I make my skin clear up naturally ?

Hi , I was just wondering how to clear my skin in 8 months naturally . I got a modeling audition in 8 months & I don’t have much
Pimples or anything , but I do have some left over scars , blackhead & open pores.
Is their any smoothie or something I can make to help me clear it up .?
Any natural ingredient I can make .?
I don’t want to make my skin bad .
Any tips .?
Thanks in advance .! (:

admin answers:

This safe, natural, minimal cost cure will rapidly rid face of all acne marks and scars and give you totally clear, totally blemish free skin. See happy testimonials from users of treatment on Answers below ##

Massaging using pure natural oils works wonders – extra virgin olive, EV coconut are good as they are noncomedogenic, so do not clog or enlarge pores nor cause breakouts. I found it best to make the massage quite firm and vigorous.

So as not to pull/stretch skin, first tighten by opening mouth 3/4″ and by pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Do a forward and back massage using tips and front of fingers and also palms – depending where on face you apply. Circular massage cannot be done vigorously and firmly enough. For quickest results do for 15 to 20 min daily daily.(Doesn’t have to be all in one session).
Scars will noticeably start to diminish in a the first week and will then diminish at a faster rate. Skin will also clear of all blemishes and all spots and pores will unblock and reduce at the same time.

The massaging may force the skin to expel built up toxins in the skin (a result of all the skin harming and skin sickening products you my have used). If that happens apply tea tree oil to those eruptions and they will quickly dry up. Still continue the vigorous massaging on the rest of the face.

Do not remove oil. Pure oils are perfect and totally safe, natural moisturizers. Countless moisturizing and many other products have been found to contain toxins and other skin (and health) harming ingredients. (Visit Skin Deep Safety Database to see). You need to only lightly wipe away surface excess with water dampened tissues. Will not leave face oily looking:

## Jasmin had contacted me about treatments to remove pronounced acne scars and facial dark marks.

“My advice? LISTEN TO MUKUNDA M!!! He knows what he’s talking about. I directly emailed him because he’s gotten so many Best Answers for skincare topics. I’ve been doing the oil treatment for a little more than 3 weeks and I can’t tell you how absolutely fantastic the results are.
Seriously, you will not be disappointed.”

## El Dia
”Although I was skeptical, I massaged the olive oil into my skin last night. When i got up this morning the bumps on my forehead were almost completely smoothed out! My blackheads and pores looked smaller and my face was softer than it’s ever been! I have some more questions. I’ll email you? Thanks!!’

My other answers give more detailed treatment info. And many other testimonials.
Enter in search box of “What are you looking for? Search Y! Answers” – “Mukunda M acne scars dark marks blackheads pimples totally clear flawless radiant glowing skin and testimonials …”

Richard asks…

How do you get rid of acne fast?

I dont have acne really bad but im using cream from a derma and im also on pills. I dont want to have any acne when i go to highschool. Does tanning slow down the process of it getting better? Im on minocin (minocyline HCI) & i use Differin 0.3. I have it on my forhead & below my eyes.

admin answers:

I have the answer…. Tho tanning does not slow the process but makes spots less obvious (tanning is not good and can cause other long term problems with your skin) first remember sweating increases acne but exercise is always good for you and does generally make your skin look and feel more healthy!
I have had the worst acne you can imagine and believe me iknow how distressing it can be, i have had it so bad i cannot even bare to leave my house countless times! But now my skin is almost perfectly clear…. I would recommend going to your doctor.. They have suggested many treatments but only one worked!

1. Oxytetracyclene (is a tablet taken daily which really does help! Tho takes time to work

2. Differin gel (adapalene gel) an anti inflamitry which really helps

i just used a simple routine every day although my doctor suggested to use slighty less,

1. First thing in the morning wash face with liquid facial cleansing liquid ( i used clean and clear blackhead clearing cleanser) vigorously cleans and clears pours,

2. Wash off all excess cleanser and help clean oils with simple soap ( i would suggest a soap gentle enough to use on your face)

3. Apply adapalene gel thickly and allow to dry (should leave your skin feeling smooth and farely dry) , if you feel skin is to dry or you nose is shiny apply a moisturiser such as nivea( will not make your spots worse)

do this once in the morning and same at night ( although my doctor said i should only use adapalene once a day)

also take the oxytetracyclene tablets…. Remember these take weeks to have their full effects…

I would just like to state this is simply what i have worked out over 4 years of trying to get rid of spots and this routine has finally worked for me!
Go to your doctor and ask them for a solution,
but remember i have tried everything and
1. Oxytetracyclene
2. Adapalene gel … Aka differin gel
are the only treatments that have worked for me

good luck

and remember the routine because it really does work differin does work but only worked for me since i started cleansing heavily before use and using twice a day

Donna asks…

what products or regimens work well to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads and don’t dry out the skin?

I have very acne prone skin, and i’ve tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it! My dermatologist perscribed a benzoil peroxide cream, and it dries my skin out very badly. I saw on TV a Murad Acne Complex thing, and it seemed to work, but i’m not so sure. I have very low self esteem because of my acne, and i think it would go way up, if i got rid of my acne! Anything from store bought things, and home remedies would be very helpful!

I also was wondering how to get rid of acne scars, i used to pop my pimples and now I have terrible scars.

Another thing, i had the chicken pox when I was younger, and I now have large indents all over my face from scars. my dermatologist did a little surgery on one of them, and it only made them worse.


admin answers:

Step 1 – Cleanse the face thoroughly with a good cleanser meant for oily skin. Preferrably use a salicylic acid cleanser.

Step 2 – Apply an astringent like witch hazel. It helps reduce oiliness. If its a bit harsh mix a bit of rose water in it.

Step 3 – Apply a good quality medicated cream or gel containing resorcinol, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. This helps is soaking the oil and helps in peeling away the blackheads. You can get creams or gels of Benzoyl Peroxide treating blackheads If benzoyl peroxide leaves your skin dry, apply an oil-free moisturizer after 10 mins of applying benzoyl peroxide.

Apply a thin film of adapalene gel once daily before bedtime. Its mainly available in the form of “Differin”. Its highly recommended! A word of caution though, adapalene can increase the sensitivity of skin to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight, so prolonged exposure should be avoided by judicious use of sunscreens and protective clothing.

Following this routine, in a matter of days you will be getting rid of blackheads.

Effective Tips to get rid of blackheads

•Exfoliate the blackhead prone area 3-4 times a week using facial exfoliators and scrubs.

•Use creams containing AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Fruit acids) like glyco-creams that will clear away any dead skin cells and “expose” the blackhead. Use the AHA’s every 3 days or so.

•Keep your hair away from your face. Greasy hair and skin go together, and hair can spread infection.

•Avoid washing the face with soaps more than twice a day. Instead wash your face often with plain water splashes.

•Often use a mask with a clay base.

If blackheads look ready to pop out, you could try removing them gently by using a blackhead extractor. Also, Pore cleanser strips (blackhead extractor) for removal of blackheads are highly recommended for the treatment/removal of blackheads. Using them once per week will leave your pores cleaner and smaller.

Steam your face to soften both the skin and the material blocking the pores.


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