Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

James asks…

Do you have any beauty tips for clear skin?

I WANT CLEAR SKIN, but I always have at least 20 or 30 zits on my face at once. I naturally have very oily skin. Do you have any weird beauty tricks that work to clear up your skin? If so, tell meeeee.

admin answers:

This is what I do =p
1. Go to a sauna at least once a week…it opens up your pores and you sweating gets all the crap that’s in your pores. And a bonus, it leaves your skin looking dewy and soft=) If you don’t have access, steam your face. =) Boil some water, pour it in a wide bowl, hold your face above it and cover with a towel so the steam doesn’t escape…10-15 minutes..
2. Aveeno cleansers. Best thing in the world. ONLY chemical thing that I put on, and its still basically all natural. I use the positively radiant one. Wash morning and night. And don’t just lather on once and wash off, do it twice…I don’t believe the first time gets rid of everything.
3. Only use pure Vitamin E moisturizer or Aloe Vera..I use Aloe..use it after you cleanse. =)
4. Weekly, do a face mask…either with a raw egg yolk, or any fruit that matches your skin type and what you want to achieve…just type in google home made facial masks or home remedies..or anything else you can thing of that would direct you to websites. I found a few amazing ones that have all natural remedies for skin, hair, nails, etc. =)
6. NEVER WEAR FOUNDATION! I repeat! NEVER WEAR IT! It is the worst thing possible for acne..even if its FOR acne, its still terrible!!
7. Another might want to try using a GENTLE scrub once a week or so..maybe even once every two weeks.
8. Be gentle with it=) People in the old ages did not have all these chemicals and products, they only had natural ingredients. And they had amazing skin…the more you put on, the more your skin gets used to it, and it won’t do its job of cleaning itself and retaining its natural moisture.
9. Skin a day or two with cleansing…just use water and Aloe=) This will keep it healthier in the long run, and like I said above, keep it from getting used to the chemicals…I noticed that when I did that, my skin was actually healthier looking and clearer than with washing every single day..
10. Basically, I follow almost the same thing that this woman does in the youtube video I’ll post as one of the sources, but I don’t use any facial products except those I wrote…that and the fact that I have to follow a strict acid reflux diet..look it up if you’re interested. I noticed that it helped made my skin more glowing and healthy. =)
I could come up with alot more, but this is just off the top of my head…If you have any questions or want any advice on this, just e-mail me=)

Sandy asks…

how long do i have to use the blackhead eraser to get my Acne and blackheads off?

im using blackhead eraser b: clean and clear, and like i used it for 7 weeks, then i stopped for 4 weeks and i continued using it, how long does it take for it to work?

admin answers:

I think 8 – 12 weeks.

Sandra asks…

How long will clindamycin take to clear acne and marks completely?

The one you take orally, It was recommended to me by derm.

admin answers:

I use the cream and it started clear up acne pretty well after 3-4 weeks and I would think the oral one is more powerful. It dries out bumps fast.

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