Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

James asks…

How long does proactiv take for me to see considerable improvement?

I have mild acne on my forehead, cheeks and chin. Some of the pimples are very big ones which leave small marks after they go. I have used proactiv for about 3 or 4 weeks and I guess my face has improved slightly but not really much. Does proactiv improve scars as well as pimples? And how long does it take for it to show considerably change?

admin answers:

I use proactiv.
I have been for about four months now.
At first i was skeptical because i was in the same situation as you.
I saw little improvments.
But by the 7th week my face was so clear!
Obviously not flawless, but better then it’s ever been.
I still get little breakouts hear and there, but bout 1/10 as bad as they used to be.
Be patient, it works!
Something that REALLY helped me was the refining mask.
I don’t use it as a mask but dab and rub it onto sore pimples before i go to bed,
there almost gone by morning(:

Ken asks…

If your baby had newborn acne, when did it clear up?

My baby started developing newborn acne (diagnosed by a doctor) at about 4 weeks old. She is now 5 weeks old and it has gotten worse every day. I know that it is somewhat normal and will eventually clear up on its own, but some websites say months while others say weeks. About how long did it take for your baby’s acne to clear up?

admin answers:

Every baby is different, but they should go away before they are 6 months old…my little boy had them really bad on his nose and cheeks from the time he was born until he was almost 5 months old, but they got better over time. I’d say they weren’t so noticeable after about 3 months, but I could tell, because I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him! :) Don’t worry they will go away and if you are stil concerned when you go in for the 2 month check up ask the pedi. They may be able to bring you a little more comfort! Good luck and congrats on your beautiful little girl! :)

Donna asks…

How do I get rid of a moderately large pimple on my nose?

I have a pimple on my nose that is red. Ive had it for about a week and it is still about the same in size. Everyday I’ve been putting proactiv refining mask on it and it seems to have not gotten any better. Ive also tried this clean & clear acne spot solution and that hasn’t worked. I tried popping it but it just wouldn’t. It is mostly just red, and seems to be inflamed. Help?

admin answers:

I really wouldn’t put a mask on it, for I dont think proactiv works at all. You shoud work with neutrogena, it works really good for me. But anyways, most of the facial stuff i have in the drawer is ALL neutrogena. Anyways, I have a neutrogena face medicine bottle ( Wal-mart for almost 2 dollars) its just your average greasy, thin , ( feels like lotion) medicine, and i scrub it onto the zit or pimple. You have to leave it on ALL night, and don’t put it on RIGHT before bed because you can get it on the pillows and it can stain it. I also have neutrogena foam facial wash. ( wal-mart for almost 3-4 dollars) I scrub it onto ALL of my face and leave it on for 4 minutes. After that, i take a cloth and rinse it off with water. And then I have Neutrogena facial cleanser wipes, which whipes off all the grease from your forehead. I have had experience with all of these cleansing tehcniques and they work out really good. I would recommend the first product i mentioned for you.

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