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Maria asks…

Face wash or moisturizer to fade dark post acne spots?

I have a lot of dark spots on my face from old acne. I am very self conscious about it. :(
Anyway, what is the best daily face wash to use to fade them? Moisturizer? Anything else? I already know about lemon juice.
I dont really get new acne anymore, it’s just that I have a lot of scars.

admin answers:

Mild acne scars might fade away in a few days, but some could take weeks, months, and even years to fade away! Scars will heal faster on healthy skin! You can achieve healthy skin by having a healthy diet & lifestyle. Start by eating foods rich in vitamin C which helps heal scars & reduces how much melanin is produced in skin. Melanin is what causes skin to darken. Scars can become darker & more permanent if you are in the sun without wearing sunscreen! Homemade or over the counter scar fading treatments will help remove MILD scars. SEVERE or DEEP scars will have to be removed by a professional doctor. You can always go to the doctor for a quicker & stronger treatment to remove MILD scars also.

1) Wash face with warm water & cleanser, preferably Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar by Johnson & Johnson
2) Apply toner, preferably Witch Hazel, because its gentle & non-irritating
3) Apply homemade or over the counter scar fading treatment
4) Apply oil-free sunscreen or a moisturizer that contains sunscreen
5) If you wear makeup, you can use an oil-free foundation that contains sunscreen

1) Hydrogen Peroxide. Using a Q-Tip, apply to the scar only! Do not use all over face! Dilute with water if to strong!
2) Lemon Juice. Cut open a fresh lemon. Using a Q-Tip, apply to the scar only! Do not use all over face!
3) Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother, such as Bragg. Using a Q-Tip, apply to the scar only! Dilute with water if to strong!
4) Aloe Vera. Apply aloe to the scar. Buy an aloe vera plant or use Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gelly, it’s 99% organic, contains vitamin A, C, E! Don’t use other brands of aloe, has very little aloe & to much junk in it which can irritate skin!

Only Use Oil-Free Products That Won’t Clog Pores & Cause Acne!
1) Murad Post Acne Spot Lightening Gel
2) Sudden Change Scar Zone
3) Mederma
4) Ambi Fade Cream For Oily Skin (for people of color)
5) Salicylic Acid, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid heals acne and scars! Try acid products by Perfect Peel Solutions, Cellbone Technology, Skin Laboratory, Alpha Hydrox/Neoteric Cosmetics.

Six Things Must Be Done Everyday To Reduce Or Prevent Acne! Doing One Or A Few Of These Things Will Not Keep Your Skin Clear As Possible! Do The Following:

1) Wash, Tone, Moisturize Your Face Everyday! Do this at least 2x a day, morning & night (possibly 3rd time, midday, if super oily/sweating). Natural and gentle products are sometimes more effective than acne medication, try this routine: Wash face with warm water & Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar by Johnson & Johnson. Tone face with Witch Hazel, try Thayers or Dickinson’s, its gentle, minimizes pores, heals acne. Moisturize face with Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gelly, its 99% organic, contains vitamin A, C, E, heals blemishes/scars!

2) Keep dirt & bacteria at bay to prevent more breakouts! Don’t touch face with hands, Clean phone often or don’t let phone touch face, Keep hair clean or don’t let oily dirty hair touch face, Don’t lean face on objects, Clean glasses often, Wash pillowcase, bedsheets, blanket, washcloth, towel often. Wash hands before applying face products. Use fresh makeup, not old makeup. Wash or replace makeup tools often.

3) Eat Healthy Food, Limit Junk Food! Eat healthy food everyday – fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fiber, beans, wholegrains, foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A & C. Limit intake of frozen meals, dairy, milk, fat, oil, butter, greasy/fried foods, sugar, candy, salt, dessert, caffeine, coffee, pop, alcohol. Always avoid cigarettes, tobacco, illegal drugs! The book, The Clear Skin Diet by Alan C. Logan & Valori Treloar has detailed information on what to eat & not to eat to help reduce or prevent acne & it explains the hormones involved in acne & how to control them with food!

4) Take A Multi Vitamin Mineral Supplement Everyday! Its hard to get all the vitamins minerals your skin needs on a daily basis, so take a supplement everyday! Caution! Overdosing on vitamins and minerals whether from food or supplements is toxic and dangerous!

5) Drinking about 64 oz of Pure Water everyday improves skin quality, flushes out toxins, delivers nutrients to skin! You can also include 100% Fruit Juice as part of your daily total.

6) Doing 20 to 30 minutes of Aerobic Exercise everyday (or every other day) increases circulation & delivery of nutrients to skin cells, encourages good blood supply, helps remove toxins, controls acne breakouts! Stay hydrated by drinking water before, during, after workout! Immediately take a shower to remove sweat and dirt!

David asks…

When is it to early to announce a second pregnancy?

I am 4 weeks, just missed my period. I have 8 confirmed positive pregnancy tests and no sign of period. Pregnancy symptoms for almost 3 weeks…VERY SORE and swollen breasts, acne all over, minor cramping, headaches, and starting to have night sickness and some morning.

We have told my father-in-law and his girlfriend (mainly because we did not want them smoking around me) and I have told my very close cousin and our very best friends.

I feel like I want to tell the world because it doesn’t seem real..when is okay to say something?

My first pregnancy I found out at 6 weeks and told everyone right away but I have had so many friends have miscarriages, no heartbeats, etc this last year that it makes me nervous for myself to speak to soon!

I go to the doctor December 3rd,,waiting until after my appt?

admin answers:

I am 23 weeks pregnant and with this pregnancy I also found out when i was 4 weeks , the same day i missed my period because me and my hubby was trying….Lol the same day. I posted it on Facebook with a picture of my pregnancy test……alot of people said to wait until you outta the clear of having a miscarriage, but its all in Gods hands , rather you keep it a secret or tell everyone.. It doesnt matter because whats every happens, its gonna happen regardless. Wish you the best of luck and congrats :)

Nancy asks…

How can you get rid of acne without buying anything?

I’ve had acne for four years and I’ve tried proactiv, but it didn’t help. any suggestions?

admin answers:


um… You shouldn’t use any spot creams on your face (it is your face right) they work temporarily but the moment you stop using them your spots will come back. I used to have spots on ma face, but they’re gone now.
OK, so lets get started:
1)every night and every morning, wash your face with HOT water (this will open up your pores). Then wash your face with any facial wash, but make sure you wash it ALL out. Then wash your face with hot water again. Then as soon as you’ve done this wash your face with COLD water.
2) make sure you never dry your face, let it dry naturally.
3)only in the day, put as little as possible lotion on your face (ideally an oil free one usually is the best, but i use Johnson’s baby lotion-its gentle on skin)
4)try not to touch your face, unless you have to, like when your washing it.

If you stick to these your spots should start clearing up in the next few days, and in about 2 Weeks it will be a huge noticeable difference :-)

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