Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Mary asks…

How to get rid of acne in 3 months?

Im 14 yrs old and ive had acne every since 4th grade. before school starts this year, I want to get rid of it. Very badly. Thnx!

admin answers:

Things You’ll Need - 3 or more cotton balls - Lukewarm tap water - Cup to hold the water in - SaltThe Method 1. Salt the water thoroughly — much more than you think it needs. 2. Dip one cotton ball in the salt water. 3. Wait for 30 – 60 seconds. 4. Squeeze out excess water out until it is damp, but not dripping. 5. Place the damp cotton ball over your large, oh-my-goodness-I-cannot-go-to-… Zit. If you have several of these grouped together, try to place the cotton ball over them all. 6. Glance at your watch/clock. Wait exactly three minutes. 7. Remove the cotton ball after the time is up. The zit seems to be nearly gone, but it is only the top that has dissolved. Your acne is still there. 8. Take the other two cotton balls and place them on either side of the despised pimple. 9. Slowly, move them closer together until the tiny bump is flattened. Congrats! You’ve just conquered that giant of a pimple — forever! 10. Apply honey on the infected area & go to sleep!!Tips *Don’t forget the last 3 steps — they are crucial. *Be sure to follow these steps closely. Dipping a cottonball in fresh water as opposed to salt will not work, for instants. * You might want to bring a book — either waterproof or one that you do not care about being splattered in water. Those three minutes can get boring. * This is your best bet for monster zits that simply sneak up on you. For long-term healthy skin, cleansing and toning is also important.Warnings * Please, PLEASE, do not assume this is permission to “pop” pimples. Doing so can cause major scarring. Please don’t pop them. * If you stop after the top is dissolved, I must warn you: it WILL come back! Maybe not in the next five minutes, but during the course of an hour, it will come back!You can even try applying original Head & Shoulder Shampoo to clear acne!!! I WORKS like a charm!! Read all about it here including people’s comment about it! you feel new pimples erupting, ice it! Hold an ice cube over the area for about 5-10 minutes. It REALLY works!!!For acne scars, 1. Lemon juice is natural bleach and helps in lightening the scars and blemishes of the skin. 2. Rosehip seed oil is also another home remedy which reduces acne scars. It is mostly used in the cosmetic products and used for acne scarring, facial scarring, surgical scars, sun damage, premature aging, burn marks etc. This oil should be massaged twice on the acne scars daily. 3. Application of Aloe Vera gel/juice to the fresh wounds prevents the formation of permanent scars. 4. One of the home remedy is that ice cubes can be rubbed on the acne scars for ten to fifteen minutes. 5. Vitamin E is considered best for the healthy glowing skin. Application of vitamin E oil or capsule to the scar will completely vanish the scar in few weeks. 6. The most effective remedy for the scars is application of honey several times a day. It will give a natural glow to the skin and will remove all scars.If you have too many pimples/whiteheads/blackheads/ acne/acne scars/… I recommend you to try Carley’s Clear & Smooth!! It’s CHEAPER & BETTER than Proactive!! People are raving about this product!! Read their feedbacks/reviews!!

Donna asks…

How do you get rid of acne? Are there any special remedies I can do?

I tried everything including proactiv and clean and clear. What do I do?

admin answers:

Studies have been done showing that healthy versions of low-carbohydrate diets eliminate acne problems in as little as six weeks, with very consistent results. But most people aren’t willing to follow a low carbohydrate diet for long, or if they do follow one they’ll be choosing really bad foots in place of the carbs.

You can read the book “Acne Prescription” by Nicholas Perricone for more info. You can get this from Amazon.

And honestly, if you use a good water-based facial moisturizer with anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants (like Ultra Rejuvenex for instance), this will improve your acne problem more than the actual products FOR acne. It will do this because after about ten to fourteen days of consistently using an expensive face cream twice daily, the oil secretion from your pores will drop significantly. Understand that part of the reason that the oil is secreted to begin with is to keep your skin from getting dry. If you use the right moisturizer (like Ultra Rejuvenex (search web for it)), over time it will decrease oil production and help to clear your skin. The first several days, however, a water-based moisturizer like thus may very well make your acne worse. It won’t start helping until your over-moisturized face signals the oil glands to slow down production of oil.

Something that Perricone mentions in his book as well is not to scrub your face with a wash cloth. This inflames tissue on your face, and can actually cause acne. Rather, look for an “Apricot scrub” at the store. This you rub in with your fingers for a couple minutes and there are tiny beeds of natural apricot that help to clear poors and remove dead skin without inflaming your pimples or making new ones. Perricone was a professor of Dermatology at Yale, and one of the reasons he wrote his book is because the methods most people use for their acne simply don’t work at all for many (Clearisil, Proactiv, astringent), and these approaches are not the best way to address the problem at all. They’ve just become custom.

The bacteria is not the root cause of the acne, btw. If it were, then every average human being would have an acne problem. And people with acne clearly go through a lot more trouble than everyone else to sterilize their face, and it obviously does not work for a lot of people.

There’s evidence that chemicals like benzoyl peroxide and aspirin (used in Proactiv) actually make the problem worse for many simply form the irritation from the chemicals themselves on your skin. My recommendation is thus the following:

1) Follow a healthy form of low-carbohydrate diet if you think you can
2) Stop using these worthless Clearisil, Proactiv, astringents and topical antibiotics.
3) Purchase a mild scrub soap like an apricot scrub you can find at any drugstore or Wal-Mart.
4) Buy Ultra Rejuvenex and use this at morning and at night after washing your face with the mild soap. (remember that the cream will make it worse for up to a week, then your overmoisturized face will signal oil production to drop, and your skin will begin to clear)
5) There are various supplements you can buy along with proof from studies that they may have benefit for acne, and more information is in this book I mentioned.

But if you only did steps 2 through 4, or even #1 all by itself, I think you’d see a big difference in your acne.

Betty asks…

How do i get rid of acne scars?

If anybody has any tips they’ve used that’s actually made a difference… I started getting spots on my back and face when I was 8 years old! My face is fine now with little scarring but from the top of my arms down to the top of my legs is just covered in dark spots/acne scars! They’re not deep scars just the surface. I’m mixed race so the scars just look like really dark brown marks everywhere.
I’ve tried most things natural but they haven’t worked but I’m willing to try again or even chemical based products! I want them gone!
I’ve heard of that vantex bleaching cream specifically for dark people… And I looked up tca chemical peels but they’re waayyy too expensive :(
Any tips?

admin answers:

Acne is a very common issue among teens and getting rid of acne scars can be a problem if acne is not controlled in early stages. In this article we discuss how to get rid of acne scars. Here are some simple and natural tips on how to get rid of acne scars.

1. Wash your face at least 3 times a day. This ensures that new pimples & zits will not occur on your skin. Washing your face regularly opens the blocked pores on your skin and applying a good moisturizer (oil free) helps to form new, clear the skin.

2. If you want to get rid of acne scars, never pop zits / pimples. It can be very tempting but the fact is, popping the pimples on your skin results in tiny cracks on skin which are difficult to heal and appear as scars.

3. Acne can leave scars that might last for a long time if not treated properly. How to get rid of acne scars? Well, to get a clear and scar free skin, eat lots of fruits, green vegetables. Drinking a lot of water at regular intervals and juices also makes the skin better and free of acne scars.

4. Use honey to get rid of acne scars. Applying honey on the acne affected skin helps to reduce acne scars. Drinking honey in warm water also gives you a beautiful and clear skin.

5. To get rid of acne scars, use rosewater and sandalwood. Make a paste and use on the area of the skin with acne scars and you will see the difference in few weeks.

6. Lemon juice. Lime contains components like citric acid which is really helpful to get rid of acne scars. Drink lemon juice in water and use it in salad and other dishes. Lemon juice will help the removal of the deal skin cells. It is a very good way to get rid of acne scars.

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