Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Lisa asks…

What can I do to really make my acne and oiliness go away for good?

I have had acne for 9 years now. i have tried all the washes and scrubs, minocylcine, dioxicyline, and birth control. Nothing seems to work. What else is good that will take away acne and oiliness. My boyfriend had severe acne and he tried acutane and now his skin is flawless. I cant take acne anymore . please help!
Also to add its on my face chest and horrible on my back

admin answers:

I just finished accutane a few weeks ago

I tried every acne product on the market:
Nature’s Cure
Acne Free
St. Ives
Jack Black
SAL 3 Sulfur Soap
Young Living
Bye-Bye Blemish

I even tried the expensive ones that you may have heard about on TV or seen in stores at the mall:
Patricia Wexler

I went to 3 dermatologists and tried several different prescriptions:
Retin-A micro 0.05%
Retin-A Micro 0.10%

I also tried every home-remedy imaginable:
Antibiotic Ointment
Hand Sanitizer
The Castor Oil Cleansing Cure
Clay masks
Lemon Juice
Isopropyl Alcohol
Acid Peels
Dove Soap
Ivory Soap
Dial/Gold antibacterial soap
Zinc Oxide
Vitamin Therapy
Honey masks
Oatmeal masks
Drink 1 gallon of water a day

I even strictly adjusted my diet to include ONLY Fruits, vegetables, Whole Grains, and Lean Protein


I FINALLY went to a dermatologist with my acne
she started me on Accutane (isotretinoin)
I was on it for 4 months
I finished about a month ago
and my skin is FINALLY CLEAR
it has not been this clear in 6 years
Now, I get a tiny pimple once a week now (maybe)
and all I have to do to keep it clear is wash my face

it was SO SO SO SO worth it

just be warned
when you take it, your skin gets dry
and breaks out worse than normal because the accutane attacks the sebaceous glands in your face that produce your acne in the first place
you have to be ready for the “initial breakout”
everybody reacts a little bit differently to accutane
but the way I reacted was
I had the dreaded initial breakout about 2 weeks into my treatment
my skin was worse than ever (And my lips were chapped and my skin was dry) for a whole month
then my skin SLOWLY went back to the level of acne that I was used to (which was still pretty severe)
then for the fourth month
my skin finally started to get clear
it was soooo nice
every day
my skin just got smoother and smoother
it’s just Heaven

think about it though
you have tried everything that goes ON your skin
it doesn’t work
the problem is IN your skin
your sebaceous glands are going crazy
and overproducing
to make lots of pimples
antibiotics stop the infection
so they are “more healthy”
well, the sebaceous glands may be just fine
but they are overproducing oil and sebum
which gives you pimples

Accutane is the “atomic bomb” of acne treatments
it stops the sebaceous glands from overproducing
and then your oily over-sebaceous skin finally becomes NORMAL skin (just like what everyone else has)

Carol asks…

How can I clear my back acne?

I’ve had it for about 3 years and recently it hurts and it keeps getting worse. Im going to the beach in 3 weeks and I want to clear it up as much as possible . I use neutrogena body acne wash but its not really doing anything. I’ve used it for about 2 years now since it last ages but yeah any tips would be helpful. And also I cant see a dermatoligist because I have no insurance or money.

admin answers:

I used to breakout in acne due to oily skin myself. Genetic and Stress can affect hormones and can theoretically promote acne. Here are some home remedies that can help but do not mix them together.
1) Tea Tree Oil- An essential oil is diluted and applied topically to acne lesions.
2) Lemon oil or juice – Applied lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to face or you can drink it through using it in water a few drops a day. You can leave overnight don’t expose yourself to sunlight. Will help with both acne, and scars as well.
3) Mandarin oil
4) Cedar wood – good for eczema, psoriasis
5) Lavender
6) Apple cider vinegar
7) Bamboo extract or Sarna lotion – good for rosacea, psoriasis, eczema 8) Bio Oil or BB cream for dark spots or scars
9) Toothpaste is very effective for acne leave on face for about 20 to 30 minutes then wash. Leave on to long will leave a scar.
10) Zinc really works on acne
11) 2% Erythromycin
12) Benzoin Peroxide
13) Hydrogen Peroxide 3% – It can help to dry out acne by killing bacteria on the skin. Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and apply it either to the acne breakouts on your face. You also may opt to apply hydrogen peroxide to your entire face to help prevent future breakouts. Allow the hydrogen peroxide to do its job — wait until the bubbling stops in approximately a minute or two. Rinse your face with water. Apply an oil-free moisturizer to prevent skin from drying out.
14) Vitamin B3- also known as niacin. It promotes healthy skin, can be utilized as an acne treatment.
15) Retinoid- increase collagen production and plump fine lines, making it a good choice if you’re dealing with acne and wrinkles.
16) Sulfur- dries up pimples and keeps sebum production in check, helping to prevent future blemishes. Sulfur has a distinct smell think rotten eggs.
17) Coconut oil good for acne and scars.
18) Turmeric powder is also good for acne.
19) Neutrogena products
20) Brown Listerine also sucks the life of your acne wash after about 15 minutes.
21) Witch Hazel & Rubbing Alcohol both are good for acne
22) Aloe Vera either from the plant itself or gel apply on the infected area.
23) Neem oil- good for acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin ulcers (taken either orally or externally)

This is something I use every day and I got rid of my cystic acne and my eczema. I really recommend this. Neem oil: It is powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties, beneficial to those who suffer from various skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin ulcers, helps one treat hair related problems like dandruff and itchy scalp. Dental care products like toothpaste, mouth washes and rinses all use the neem oil’s antiseptic properties to keep teeth health and gums free of infection. Other benefits also include its use in household items like mosquito repellents, disinfectants and personal hygiene products. If you like you can purchase at Lucy Vitamin or in health food stores. It is the same price as some of the acne medications, either prescribe or over-the-counter.

Steven asks…

I need to get rid of my zits in a week?

Because then i am to get a piercing and won’t be allowed to soap up my face anymore, for a few weeks atleast. So what products and day routine should I use?

admin answers:

How to heal pimples:

1. Wash you skin thoroughly and pat it dry with clean towel.
2. Wrap an ice cube in a washcloth and hold it over the spot for a minute or two; it’ll help bring down the swelling.
3. Dip the end of a cotton swab into some diluted tea tree oil (available at any pharmacy, and trust me, this oil was meant for the skin!) and dot a tiny amount directly into the pimple.
4. Leave it alone to heal. Don’t pop, pinch, or squeeze pimples, it will only make it worse.

Also, you can dab a bit of alcohol, lemon juice, toothpaste, or vinegar to pimple before going to bed each night. When you wake up the pimple will be gone. This is because lemon juice, alcohol, toothpaste and vinegar will dry the oil out of pimples.

Salt mixed with some water also works. Apply the mixture directly into the pimple or you could wash your face everyday with the saltwater.

I’ve also heard that honey removes acne real well too (before bed,dot a tiny bit of honey directly on the pimple, put a band-aid over it, then go to bed), and it does make your skin totally soft when used as a face mask!!!

Tomato juice works too… You cut the tomato into slices and use it like a cleansing pad; rub it around your face and on pimples and pat dry with towel. You can make it into a natural exfoliating pad by sprinkling some sugar on the surface of the tomato slice and rubbing it all on your face.

Even if you don’t have acne, you must do the following skincare routine daily, morning and night to ensure clear and clean skin:

Make sure you cleanse with a face wash (a very good home cleanser is milk mixed with olive oil and a little honey), exfoliate with a scrub (or with some sugar mixed with some soap), tone with a toner (you can make one by mixing apple cider vinegar with water), and moisturize face with a lotion or cream everyday (you could use olive oil instead of a cream, it is very moisturizing). Steam the face using boiling hot water, apply a face mask (homemade mask: 3 tbsp. Plain yogurt, 1 tsp. Honey, and a few drops of lemon juice, and mix together), and do a face massage (using olive oil, but its optional) only once, or at most, two times a week. It may seem like a tedious skincare routine, but this facial will really help you avoid blemishes in the future, and prevention is key!

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