Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Lisa asks…

How to get rid of acne in a week?

I’ve tried proactiv but to be honest it made my acne worse. I stopped using it and its just staying the same no progress. I’m a 14 year old boy and i have moderate acne. Any suggestions i’d like to get rid of it asap. Toothpaste hasnt worked any suggestions? Thank you soo much! I used to have clear skin untill about 5 months before my 14th bday.

admin answers:

That’s quite impossible. But you can follow following things to get rid of acne. But it’ll need more time. 1. Hand Washing

Keeping your hands clean is necessary if you really want to get rid of annoying bumps. This is for the reason that our hands are being used constantly thus it is not impossible to acquire bacteria which can spread germs throughout the body. We may not notice it, but the average person touches their face three to five times every minute. So, if your hands aren’t clean, chances are you will be getting a lot of acnes and may add fuel to the fire.

2. Wash your face

To prevent further build up of sebum, dead skin cells and germs that can lead to acne, you need to wash your face twice a day. However, if your face is extremely oily then you might need to wash it in the afternoon. In addition, use mild soap and not just any other soap. For best results, use warm water in washing your face and cool water for final rinsing. Do this with a five minute limitation.

3. Don’t Scrub

Scrubbing will literally worsen the condition of your acne because it irritates the skin. Instead wash it gently and use the palm of your hands.

4. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep is a contributing factor in getting acne. Hence, it is really important to sleep eight hours a day. Also, during these times your body regenerates and keeps your skin beautiful and healthy. Additionally, if you get enough sleep, your body works smoothly and that what keeps your skin free from annoying conditions.

5. Avoid too much sugar

A lot of people don’t know that sugar breaks down the collagen in the skin making it a no-no to people who suffer from acne. However, we really cannot stay away from it completely. What you can do is to take it in moderation.

6. Water

Keeping yourself hydrated is one solution on how to get rid of acne. Remember, acne is a dry skin. Consequently, you need to drink a lot of water to fight dry skin and to prevent clogged pores. So, never miss to drink 8 glasses of water a day.

7. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide assorted minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that can provide solutions on how to get rid of acne. They support the strength of the immune system and alleviate acne. Moreover, an increased intake of fresh fruits and vegetables can reduce acne breakout.

8. Exercise

Moderate exercise for about 10 minutes a day can improve blood flow that helps eliminate waste products including free radicals in our body. It also helps to nourish the skin and keeps them vital. Another thing is that, exercise helps boost the condition of your internal organs which can excrete waste materials more effectively.

9. Stress

We can’t escape stress and from time to time we are going to be stressed out. Hence, it is important to know some tips that can help lessen the stress level. One thing that you can do is deep breathing. By doing so, your brain receives a good amount of oxygen that eventually lessens stress and helps your body to stay calm and relax.

10. Sunshine

Exposure to sunlight can worsen the condition of acne, so it is important to keep away from ultraviolet rays as it will irritate your skin. When you are exposed to the sun, you need to make sure that your skin has enough protection. Using sun block can be a good idea. Just choose products that are “oil free” or “noncomedogenic” so it won’t clog your pores even more thus helping you how to get rid of acne.


Richard asks…

Is there a connection between different illnesses and conditons?

I’ve had a few health problems recently and have seen my doctor about them (psoriasis, acne rosacea, a suspected stomach ulcer, and suspected rheumatoid arthritis) so I am seeing the relevant specialists and have appropriate creams etc. But I did wonder, are they linked?
I read an article which said that many people who had the Helicobacter pylori which caused their ulcers, also had acne rosacea. Are there any other links, and if so, what can I do to aid my recovery?

admin answers:

The healthcare philosophy that I live by is to treat the patient as a whole because all parts of the body are connected with each other in some way. Often when you eliminate the cause of one symptom, other seemingly unrelated symptoms clear up. For your situation, I would focus on gut health first. It is possible that if you heal up your gut your other symptoms could clear up as well. Why? Proper gut health is essential for proper absorption of nutrients. In other words if you are eating a food that you have a sensitivity/allergy to it may be hindering your absorption of very important vitamins and nutrients which your body would otherwise use to maintain overall health.

The following could help with your acne…

Acne rosacea: diet

1. If on a regular diet, try a vegetarian and complex carbohydrates. If on a vegetarian diet, try a fruit and vegetable diet or a short fast. Hypoallergenic /rotation diet
2. High fiber diet
3. Small amounts of monounsaturated fats
4. Increase: squash, cucumber, watermelon, winter melon, celery, carrots, cabbage, beet tops, dandelines, aloe vera, mulberry leaves, lettuce, potato, cherries, papaya, pear, persimmon, raspberries, buckwheat, alfalfa sprouts, millet, brown rice, mung beans, burdock root, onions
5. Drink plenty of water
6. Formula: 4 oz mung beans and 2 oz raw brown sugar boiled in 1 ½ pt. Water until volume is reduced to half. Eat and drink


1. Food intolerances (diet diary/elimination diet;_ylt=AiSaDi67cXjV6jPsRPeiXQHty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080831071918AA6JZO9&show=7#profile-info-3J9jLcPlaa)
2. Simple carbohydrates and sugar, fried, fatty, rich foods, chocolate, nuts, coffee, alcohol, ice cream and other dairy products, soft drinks, red meat, shellfish, bamboo shoots, white mushrooms, check for fruit sensitivities
3. Trans-fatty acids, hydrogenated oils (margarine, vegetable shortening, imitation butter spreads, most commercial peanut butters, oxidized fats (deep fried foods, fast food, ghee, barbecued meats)
4. Spices
5. Smoking, stress, constipation, washing with harsh soaps

Acne Rosacea: supplements
qd=every day; bid=twice daily; tid=3 times a day; T=tablespoon

1. Vitamin A (100 000-200 000 IU qd) [toxic dose] –ONLY UNDER DOCTOR SUPERVISION
2. Vitamin B6 (esp. Pre-menstrual acne) (50 mg qd for 1 week pre-menses, 100 mg tid)
3. Vitamin C (1000 mg qd)
4. Vitamin E (400-800 IU qd)
5. Zinc (50mg tid)
6. Copper (5 mg qd)
7. Selenium (200mcg qd)
8. Folic acid (5-10 mg qd)
9. Omega-6 fatty acids; safflower oil (1 T. Bid)
10. Brewer’s yeast (1 T. Bid)
11. HCl with meals (10-50 grains, work up slowly)

I hope this info can get you started on your quest for health.

Donald asks…

Is a detox diet effective to get rid or reduce acne?

I’m planning to do a detox diet for three days-starting tomorrow- I’ve been gtying bad rwally bad acne and I would lioe to get rid of it or reduce it….what fruits and vegetable should I eat the most? Thanks in advanced

admin answers:

Lemons are really good for your skin and your body in general.

I do a lemonade detox every 3-4 months and my skin always feels better afterward for at least a week or two. You can also do lemon based face peels and face masks to help clear your skin.

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