Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

William asks…

What is the best way to get rid of pimples?

I am 14 years old and I have had pimples since about 4th grade. I am in 9th grade right now. I have had pimples for about 5 years of my life and I am sick of it. What can I do to get rid of them? I have tried proactive and a lot of over the counter pimple creams. What do you guys suggest?

admin answers:

I had acne for a REALLy long time. I tried pretty much everything, and nothing worked.
The only thing that finally kicked it was really a combination.
First, get moderate exercise. That helped a lot. I don’t mean run until you drop, but walk a mile every day or every other day.
Second, eat plenty of fresh fruit. I don’t like a whole lot of fruit, so I stuck with eating apples. I ate two or three every day.
Third, use this stuff called Pronexin. Use it once or twice a day, use a soft washcloth, and use warm water (not hot). It’ll take about 1-2 weeks to see results, and about 2 months for your acne to go away. It’ll gradually disappear. Although it’s around $26 for one bottle, you only need a quarter-sized amount per washing session. It’ll last you for six months or more. You can order it at
In the meantime, be careful what makeup you put on your face (if any). Stay away from cheap powders and especially liquid foundation, which will only clog your pores. I used Almay Clear Complexion powder. You can find it at any grocery store. It’s in a yellow square box with a white A on it. It comes in several shades, and it covers up pimples surprisingly well. It costs about $10 and will last you for a while, depending how often you use it.
I hope this helps!

Mandy asks…

How can a 13 year old boy get rid of acne?

Hey, im 13 and i have acne on my back, chest, and forehead. My cleaning habits are taking a shower everyday in the morning. 5 minutes warm water and 5 minute cold water. The reason i do this is because i heard cold showers have health and skin benefits. I also put on clean clothes and lotion to my face and arms. I know when i go outside and play basketball for like a good 2 hours and im sweating, i could see my acne get clearer and i also know if i play basketball everyday and be active outside, i can easily get rid of it in 2 weeks or a month. The problem is that Spring is not HERE YET! :( Anyways tell me what i could do to change my cleaning habits ( idk if its good or bad ). I also started drinking lots of water so thats good i guess… Just please dont tell me all these products, i already asked my mom and she says no.

admin answers:

1. Sleep with a clean pillow at night. (or use a towel on pillow)
2. Wash face after doing stuff that makes you sweat.
3. Keep your hands off your face.
4. Putting ice on a pimple can reduce the size by taking the swelling down may cause redness for a few minutes though.
5. You are 13, don’t stress it. Its called puberty.

David asks…

How to clear my face in a week and keep it clear?

I hate how I clean my face twice a day and try to keep it clean for as long as I can, but my acne keeps returning and it won’t go away forever. Please help!

admin answers:

Acne doesn’t go away forever. Blame your parents. And your parents’ parents. And your parents’ parents’ parents. So on. IT’S IN YOUR GENES. :)
Once you have a perfect porcelain face, which doesn’t exist AT ALL, you must KEEP it clean. Blemishes sometimes come up caused by stress, oils, change in diet, etc. They can appear anywhere at any time, especially a night.
First, don’t think of your skincare routine as one of those things in your to-do list. It’s suppose to be an amaaaaaazing facial treatment for your skin. Also, you DON’T need to spend a gazillion bucks on some teeny tiny super duper fancy skin product, when you can get a similar product for $2-3 in your market.
We’ll get to that later, but some tips:
1. DRINK WATER. Like, chug it. ^_^ (Nooooo, not soda. -_-)
Drinking water will help flush out toxins in your body, leaving healthy skin and HEALTHY YOU. <3 To know you are hydrated and doing "the right thing", your urine should become a clear/pale yellow.

2. Don't touch your face a lot during the day & change your pillow case every once in a while. Bacteria is everywhere, dirt/dust/etc., and if they touch your face, HELLO MR. ZIT. I'm not saying you shouldn't at all, but be careful.~

3. Diet. I don't mean a total transformation in your diet, like losing weight, but switch your chips (or other junk) with: organic yogurt, trail mix, fruits, veggies here and there, or something involving cranberries.

4. Look through the facial products your using now, and check if they have any oils in them. Try using oil-free products (they say it on the product) because products WITH oil will block your pores, causing pimples.

Okay, those are the basic tips!
Now earlier, as I talked about the products; you don't need to spend a lot of money on products! They might not work best for your skin, anyways~
Try using organic home remedies that you may already find in your home or market. :D

Lemon/lime juice. (NEVER PUT NEAR EYES.)

Lemon/line juice + organic sugar.

Wash all off with luke-warm water. ;)
WOW. Organic ingredients used as a 3-STEP IN 1 facial treatment that you would buy for $60+.

Hope I helped, my dear. <3

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