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Robert asks…

What is good to help clean out and keep face from being oily without drying it out?

My face is normally oily, I’ve had acne in the past and I still get random breakouts, but I’d like to know what i could do to keep it from being oily without drying it out? any suggestions?

admin answers:

I have a skincare routine that I use, and keeps me away from terrible breakouts.

I would suggest using the Clean & Clear range, or Formula 10.0.6.
If you decide you don’t want to use any products, simply wash your face with warm water and a face cloth every morning and night.

The best skincare routine for your skin type I would suggest is the following:

1. Soak a face cloth in warm water, and gently wash your face with it.
2. Moisturise using Clean & Clear Essentials Moisturiser.

1. Cleanse your face with Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser.
2. Exfoliate using Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub.
3. Moisturise using the same Clean & Clear Essentials Moisturiser.

1-3 times a week, have a deep cleanse.
Here is a routine for the days you choose to do so:

1. Double cleanse your face with Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. Do this by simply cleansing once, then repeat.
2. Exfoliate using Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub.
3. Apply Formula 10.0.6 No Time To Shine face mask and leave on for 10-15 minutes.
4. Moisturise using the same Clean & Clear Essentials Moisturiser.

Next Morning:
1. Soak a face cloth in warm water, and gently wash your face with it.
2. Moisturise using Clean & Clear Essentials Moisturiser.

Something that will work you wonders (because it does for me) is the Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel. Put it on every night before you go to bed (if you need it), and if its bad acne, put it on in the mornings as well.

I would recommend this routine to anyone with acne, or even if you just want a skincare routine to keep your skin looking flawless.

So the products I would use with prices (according to
1. Clean & Clear Essentials Moisturiser 100.0 ml
Price: A$7.99

2. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser 240.0 ml
Price: A$10.99

3. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub 141.0 g
Price: A$10.99

4. Formula 10.0.6 No Time To Shine Oil Absorbing Mud Mask 100.0 ml
Price : A$8.99

5. Clean & Clear Advantage Fast Clearing Spot Gel 10.0 g
Price: A$8.99

Hope this helps :)

Laura asks…

What is the best way for me to get rid of acne permanently?

ok so I have had pimples since I was about 11 and it’s really starting to drive me insane!!! None of my friends have them and I have been trying all these different creams and treatments that kinda work but not as well as I would like. I really want a foolproof way of clearing my face. I want to use medicated creams/drugs but my mum wont let me cuz she says they will alter my body too much.

admin answers:

I really know how you feel. I broke out so badly about a week ago. But i’m almost clear!
Have you heard of the Aspirin Mask? If you haven’t tried it, you should. I find it so amazing and there’s wonderful reviews on it. It’s amazing. <3

Buy some uncoated aspirins. Take out 6 aspirins out of the container and place them on a flat plate. Take a knife and chop each aspirin in half. Keep them on the plate and take out a small spoon and put about 5 drops of hot water on each aspirin. NOT A LOT OF WATER. Crush each aspirin into a white paste. Apply on your WHOLE face and rub for about 30 seconds on each spot. Leave on for about 25-30 minutes and wash off. Your skin will be smooth and will show results within a couple hours. Do this about 4-5 times a week for a month or two and you should be clear.

It's amazing :)

Joseph asks…

what is a good natural face makeup remover?

Hello, I do not wear makeup every day b/c my job is, well, behind the scenes. NO customers that I see and it is just me and 4 guys who are all old enough to bad my dad, so I am not trying to impress them and do not wish to make myself up for them. However, whenever I do wear makeup it is for church on sundays but I don’t go all the the time. So you can see when I wear make up it is only like what 3-4 times a month. I already know about baby oil and extra virgin olive oil for eye makeup remover but I wanted to know if there is a natural face makeup remover instead of buying it from the store. Is extra virgin olive oil or baby oil good for face or no?

admin answers:

Any kind of facial wash, you’re leaving something toxic behind, it’s not a matter of convenience, it’s a billion dollar business that can do more harm than good to your acne. And sometimes we feel entirely virtuous about our skin-care regimen because it’s full of SPF– all year round!– and cleansers and such. But the truth is, we may not realize that we’re overdoing (or underdoing) something that can lead to the very thing we’re trying to avoid: dryness, breakouts, accelerated aging, New York dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf. (I’ve been giving this same advice for decades, but she’s proof enough!).
Take a shower everyday, use washcloth to exfoliate and bath & body wash. Hydrogen peroxide does wonders for acne. Visit their website for more tips & other uses. ONLY $1.

Acne medication could worsen what ever allergies you have, so instead of trying out one product after another, you’re actually spreading it around.
The less products you use, the better for your skin. Use a bath & body wash like Suave, Irish Spring, Dove Body & Face wash in the shower, use a washcloth. Treat your face like the rest of your body, take a shower everyday or wash your face everyday.

The secret is keeping your face clean and oil-free. I also don’t use liquid on my face for anything, and very little moisturizer, not even a dime size. Since my face is not dry. Good skin also comes from your good genes. Increase your fresh fruits & vegetables 3-5 servings per day. And programmed your mind to do this day after day, for the rest of your life.

The beauty industry is a trillion dollar business, they know acne is everyone’s problem, but instead of saying soap is drying for you, they have to invent an acne product that can worsen the skin as MANY TEENAGERS have experienced during hormonal change, but as you get older those are completely a waste of time & money!

Sometimes just the oil on your face from make up and lotions, even from your hair can travel to your face causing acne to come out. Others, from stress, hormones & diet or foods.

All the vitamins & minerals you need for good skin care comes from all the healthy foods you eat from Mother Nature.

If acne’s a problem, your pillowcases may be part of the cause. “They collect skin oil, dead skin cells, bacteria, and excess night creams,” says David Bank, a professional Dermatology @ Columbia University/New York-Presbyterian Hospital. “But if nothing changed by 6 week the product will never work for you. Time to move on.”

“If you have breakouts, dairy is the devil’ it is inflammatory and will add hormones to your already hormone-rife system. Get calcium elsewhere, or try nonfat organic dairy products. For PMS breakouts, avoid dairy and bakery items the week before your period – sugar and flour are both causes for pimples and collagen.” Dr. Jessica Wu, M.D. University of Southern California School of Medicine and author of the new book Feed Your Face.


Lea Michele recently revealed her secret to clear skin—She gives it room to “breathe.” “Maybe I’ll put on a little mascara. But other than that I try very hard to just let my skin breathe,” she told “I care more about letting my skin breathe than how I look.”
Another good example is Lily Collins, actor, writer, artist: “When I travel to Europe, I go days without putting anything on. It feels healthier. I just never understood the idea of caking it on. The more you have on your face, the more there is to smudge and go wrong.” Glamour – Sept. 2012.

I have 5 decades of great skin care starting @ age 9. My aunt & uncle are doctors.

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