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William asks…

How do I clear up my porous skin?

My skin is in awful condition right now. I’m in my 30′s and still get pimples on my chin or lower cheeks. My skin is very porous, oily in some spots, dry in others. I bought Biore acne scrub and have been using it for a month, but it doesn’t seem to help. Any suggestions on how to make my skin look better?

admin answers:

I’m not sure this will work for everyone, but it sure worked for me. I tried every acne treatment under the sun and nothing worked. Proactiv worked for a couple months, then stopped working for me. My skin was combination – it was dry AND oily. I would get big nasty cystic pimples that would not erupt, they’d just form a hard ball under my skin along my jawline, turn purple, and stick around for at least a couple of months. It was getting bad, and I discovered that with all the products I was using, I was stripping my skin. So I decided to go the au naturel route. I decided to use plain old extra virgin olive oil to remove my makeup and to moisturize. Voila – cleared me up, and while I still get hormonal pimples, I never ever get those nasty ones which I couldn’t be happier about. The only thing I didn’t like about olive oil was the smell. So i switched to Pond’s cold cream which is all mineral oil. It smells better, but my boyfriend hated it….sooo, I now use Crisco, yes the vegetable shortening (unflavored). The smell is very lightly like vegetable oil, but it goes away. You can even perfume it yourself, as I have. I don’t have a sensitivity to perfumes on my skin so this worked for me.

Also – VERY important. If I had to be trapped on an island with only one beauty item, it would be pure Vit E oil, which you can get in capsule form, or loose in a small jar. If you smear this stuff on every night over your entire face, within 6 weeks your skin will be clear and glowing. Mine does. I never imagined I’d have perfect skin, but its damn near close.

So here’s my regimen, very simple AND effective.

1. Remove makeup at night w/ crisco, wipe off excess.
2. Slather vitamin e generously (like spreading lipgloss all over your face – terribly inconvenient, but it works)
3. When you shower in the morning, gently exfoliate with a hand towel and whatever soap you’d like.
4. Right after shower while face is still damp, spread a thin layer of crisco all over face and leave on for 5 minutes. Wipe off excess
5. And repeat.

This works for me b/c by using all those products, i was stripping my skin of its natural oils, therefore my pores would close up, trying to conserve its natural oils, but at the same time trapping bacteria, dirt, etc…and causing pimples. By using crisco, it mimics your natural oils so that your skin doesn’t feel the need to produce excess oil, it keeps your pores open so that bacterial and dirt can exit freely, and significantly reduces redness. Vitamin e has major healing properties, and works on the wrinkles too.

Even if you’re skeptical about using crisco on your face and don’t think it would work for you, definitely try vitamin E. I’d shout it from the rooftops if I could. Check out the link….lots of reviews of it.

Laura asks…

How to get rid of and deal with acne?

I have ALOT of acne, its becoming more than i can handle. Im 13 years old and i have alot of acne on my face,shoulders, back and chest. I don’t know how to get rid of it. I don’t deal with alot of stress so that’s not a issue. My skin is naturally oily and sensitive. All i want to know is what i can do to get rid of and control my acne. What can of things should i eat or use? I want easy at home things to do about my acne. What can i do?

admin answers:

6 things must be done EVERYDAY to reduce/prevent acne: 1)Wash, Tone, Moisturize Face 2 or 3 Times 2)Don’t Let Dirty Things Touch Face 3)Eat Healthy Food, Limit Junk Food 4)Take Multi Vitamin Mineral 5)Drink About 64 oz Pure Water 6)Do 20 to 30 Min Aerobic Exercise. Doing 1 or a few of these will NOT keep skin clear as possible!

Must use 3 things on face: Wash, Toner, Moisturizer. Do this at least 2x a day, morning & night (possibly 3rd time, midday, if super oily/sweating). Products that work for one person may not work for another person, so always do small patch test on face for a couple of days to see how skin will react to product! Don’t quickly jump from product to product! Give skin a break before trying new product to prevent irritation! Natural & gentle products are sometimes more effective than acne medicine!

NATURAL & GENTLE: Wash face with warm water & Purpose Gentle Cleansing Bar by Johnson & Johnson. Tone face with Witch Hazel (Thayers or Dickinson’s) or Homemade Toner. Witch Hazel reduces bacteria/swelling, minimizes size of skin pores, helps acne. Make toner by mixing 1 part Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With The Mother (Bragg Organic Apple Cider) with 5 parts pure water. Test small area! If burns/to drying, use more water! Use at least 1 part water! Less Water = Stronger, More Drying Formula. This vinegar kills bacteria, absorbs excess oil, dries out pimples, lightens scars, refines skin tone. Don’t use other types of vinegar, will damage skin! Moisturize face with Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Gelly, its 99% organic, contains vitamin A, C, E! Aloe vera helps renew skin cells, heals blemishes/scars. Don’t use other brands of aloe, has very little aloe & to much junk in it which can irritate skin!

ACNE MEDICINE: Try 1 of these active ingredients for a period of time to see if skin improves: Benzoyl Peroxide, Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Beta Hydroxy Acid, Lactic Acid, Glycolic Acid. Try acids by Perfect Peel Solutions, Cellbone Technology, Skin Laboratory, Alpha Hydrox/Neoteric Cosmetics. Acid heals acne, cyst, scars! If over the counter medicine doesn’t work, see doctor to get stronger medicine.

FACE PRODUCTS & MAKEUP: Only use oil free products that won’t clog pores! Using a Makeup Finish or Makeup Setting Spray (Skindinavia, Model In A Bottle, Sephora) will give you shine-free skin all day! Old makeup, makeup tools harbor bacteria, Use fresh makeup, wash/replace tools often! Wash makeup off face before going to bed!

FACE MASK can be done once a week. Make mask by mixing plain oatmeal with water. Oatmeal is soothing, absorbs excess oil, makes skin smoother. Wash face with warm water, apply mask. Leave on for 20 min or until it dries. Rinse off with warm water, Apply toner & moisturizer.

HANDS-HAIR-STUFF: Keep dirt & bacteria at bay to prevent more breakouts! Don’t touch face with hands, Don’t let phone nor dirty oily hair touch face, Don’t lean face on objects, Clean glasses often, Wash pillowcase, sheets, blanket, washcloth, towel often. Always wash hands before applying face products!

KEEP MOVING: Aerobic Exercise, Face Massage, Dry Skin Brushing increases circulation & delivery of nutrients to skin cells, encourages good blood supply, helps remove toxins, controls acne breakouts! Do 20to30 min of exercise, everyday or every other day! For outstanding results, do all 3 activities, everyday! When exercising, drink water & immediately take a shower to remove sweat & dirt! For face massage, wash hands & face, apply toner, use aloe vera as massage gel. Do 10 min massage before going to bed. Don’t wash face again, let aloe dry on face. Buy any book on face massage like the, Ten Minute Facelift by Jennie Harding. Dry Skin Brushing must be done correctly & carefully, read book, Dr. Berkowsky’s Vital Chi Skin Brushing System by Bruce Berkowsky! Never brush delicate face! Take shower after brushing to wash off dead skin & dirt!

DIET & LIFESTYLE: Research has shown that there is a connection between certain kinds of food & acne! Read book The Clear Skin Diet by Alan C. Logan & Valori Treloar! This book has detailed info on what to eat and not to eat to help reduce/prevent acne! Always eat healthy food – fruit, vegetables, lean meat, fiber, beans, wholegrains, foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin A & C. Limit intake of frozen meals, dairy, milk, fat, oil, butter, greasy/fried foods, sugar, candy, salt, dessert, caffeine, coffee, pop, alcohol. Always avoid cigarettes, tobacco, illegal drugs! Its hard to get all vitamins minerals skin needs, so take supplement everyday! Overdosing on vitamins minerals from food or supplements is dangerous! Drinking about 64 oz of pure water everyday improves skin quality, flushes out toxins, delivers nutrients to skin! You can also include 100% Fruit Juice as part of your daily total. Acne can be caused or aggravated by constipation, make sure bow movements are regular! Getting enough sleep helps skin repair itself!

Mary asks…

How do I get a clear face by the time school starts?

School starts September 4th. I used to have a ton of zits, but my acne‘s much better now since I started using this acne cream stuff my doctor prescribed me called Benzaclin. But my face still isn’t 100% zit free. I still have some on my forehead, nose area and chin (basically T-zone). And that Benzaclin stuff makes my face kind of dry and red which I hate. So sometimes I use this lotion moisturizer stuff, but it doesn’t work too well. And my face is naturally really oily so my nose looks really shiny all the time. And ideas on how to get rid of all these problems in the next 2 weeks? Any help is appreciated!
Please, don’t say Proactiv!!! I’ve tried it before and it did nothing for my face!

admin answers:


When it comes to the face, heat is the biggest key. Heat creates an atmosphere for your pores to expand. A hot rag (as hot as you can stand it) across the face is the best bet. As far as a topical treatment, you need to invest in a good scrub and a very fine toner. I tell people this all the time that I do makeup for. Here are some key things to remember when looking for cleansers:

1. A good scrub needs to have some sort of exfoliant (i.e. Microbeads, pumice grains, etc.) in it. Once you have applied the hot rag to your face and opened up your pores, the scrub is used to get deep down into the pores and clean them out.

2. In a good scrub, stay away from anything that has a lot of soap or fragrance to it. Fragrance = additives that probably will makes things worse. Your main ingredient when looking for a scrub is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid acts as an antibacterial to cleanse deep to break up the blackheads and fight the bacteria causing them.

3. A good toner should be found because once the skin is clean, the toner is used to tighten the cleansed pores to minimalize the entrance of future bacteria. And sadly to say it (but get over it), A TONER DOES STINK! Its made primarily of alcohol, so it will stink! Get over it! It’s worth it!

4. Lastly, and a lot of people don’t think about this, find a light lotion with an added sunscreen (at least SPF 15). You want a light lotion (nothing fancy or fragrancy) with a sunscreen to prevent dryness from the toner and the sunscreen will help protect from sun damage (obviously!).

Always remember to catch blackheads before they start (before they become pimples)! And for the love of God: DO NOT PICK AT A PIMPLE IF YOU GET ONE! Picking only creates more infection from the bacteria on your hands….and most importantly: it’s just GROSS! Some brands to try for a scurb or toner would be: Oil of Olay, Biore`, Clinique, Clean & Clear, Clearasil…….just to name a few! Also remember to drink lots of water to help keep down ure intake of oils. Oh and p.s. To guys who are reading this: just because girls use it in a commercial DOES NOT mean that a guy cannot use it too! A girl would like it a lot more to see a guy with a clean face and a cabinet full of girly skin care stuff, than Mister Zit next door! I’m gay….trust me on this!

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