Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Lizzie asks…

Really bad acne and nothing is working?

I’ve had acne now for 4 years and I’ve tried mostly everything from creams, pills, home remedies, stuff like proactiv & even seeing a dermatologist. The past 3 months it just gotten really bad & I feel like I can’t do anything about it. I just really want clear skin especially with school coming up in a couple of weeks & going to see my boyfriend in December. Does anyone have any ideas to help?

admin answers:

Wash your pillow case daily. Get like 7 of them and use a clean one no matter what. People forget they rub their face on an oily body soil cloth every night!

Relax a little too. Make it a point.

Dont wash your face more than once every 6 hours. It will be counter productive.

George asks…

If I use a salt water face mask twice a day, how long until I see results?

I have mild acne all over my face, and I’ve heard that this is a great way to get rid of acne: 1. Exersize 2. Wash face with a cleanser 3. Splash fresh water on face 4. Gently put salt water on face 5. Leave on for 5 minutes 6. After 5 minutes, rinse off with fresh water 7. Repeat twice a day (except exersizing part, that’s only once) and at night leave on all night

Will this really work to clear up acne? I also have a slightly oily face, and will table salt work? That’s all I have. Thanks!

admin answers:

3 weeks

Mark asks…

What is a for sure way to get rid of acne?

I usually get a couple of new zits each week and take FOREVER to get rid of them. I wash my face twice a day and it still doesn’t get rid of them. Face wash, moisturizer, cream, etc. Something fast, easy, and not expensive to get rid of zits! Any suggestions please?

admin answers:

1. Make sure your face wash has exfoliating beads. This extra scrubbing helps to remove dead skin and dirt from your pores.
2. Buy face wash with an acne medicine, such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Look on the active ingredients on the back of the bottle for these.
3. Always moisturize your face after washing. Use a light facial moisturizer. There are special moisturizers for acne-prone faces, such as Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense.
4. Be consistent with your facial hygiene. Washing twice a day might dry out your face, and washing less than once a day might leave too much oil and clog your pores. Find a routine that works for you.
5. Reduce your stress. Stress can lead to increased oil production in your skin.
6. If you have a really bad or consistent acne even after facial hygiene, there are hormonal medications that can greatly reduce acne. Talk to your doctor about this.

I personally use Clean & Clear Blackhead scrub with Mary Kay Velocity face lotion. You have to find your own combination that works for you. There are also small bottles you can buy at a drug store for spot treatment of one zit at a time. My friend tells me they work wonders.

Good luck.

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