Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Ken asks…

How to get rid of acnes and get fair skin? Please provide natural home remedies!?

Guyz… I am Anupam Shrivastava from Bhopal. I am 20 years old and my skin color was fair even my Mom, Dad and big bro also fair but my skin became dark because of Sun light. Now I want to get my old skin color back. As my skin is too oily so there are so many acne/pimples on my face especially on nose and cheeks and I want to get rid of them. Please help by giving natural home remedies. I am appying Aloe Vera and Powder of Neem bark already and these r working gud but ance are increasing on my face. So please give me good tips to avoid acne/pimples and please tell me natural tricks to get rid of acne/pimples and getting fair skin.

admin answers:

Hi Anupam,Its very much Important that to be fully healed in internal ways so that our external body will look more healthier,Fresh and Beautiful.Actually this age is Critical,its the time when our body goes with lots of ups and down :) i mean to say there are lots of hormonal Imbalance at this age.Harmones are very much active on this period and gets more in power when there is not rite nutritious eating method is thr.I will suggest please do not try lots of DIY things on ur skin,Its better u first proceed towards to achieve a healthy glowing skin first.If we cut down Oily and spicy food like Wheat flour things i.e Noodles,spaghetti, 80 % acne is very much controlled on that time only.Eat healthy Foods like B a veggie liker and Have a sip of fruit juice daily if its possible have a Orange Juice daily,It really work for Both to achieve Acne free and to get fair skin too.Rite time of sleeping and have at least 7-8 hrs sleep at nite is necessary.Drinking lots of water 4-5 litres a day very much beneficial and last but not the least Exercise add a regime which say u do 15 Min’s Exercise it helps Blood circulation go in a well mode.”Don’t take stress too”This is much harm full then anything else.A good skin care routine is also very necessary,do Cleansing Toning and Moisturising everyday(it must b a good brand or Herbal one),Try to use Clean & clear face washes or u can use plain water 3-4 times a day to wash ur face.Its good for acne and pimple prone skin.Mostly Avoid sun exposure :) ,when ever u r going out apply a good quality Sun protection moisturisers with a good SPF.Its very necessary apply this before 15 Min’s .try Aloe vera gels all over ur body and face,Its really very help full.Use Ice cuBes some times.
If u really wanna do some home remedy then do this,If u will continue following above tips with these HR then u will discover sumthing new in urself.
>>Eat yogurt, it has bacteria that help your digestive tract to function, which, in turn, allow your body to disperse nutrients more effectively. This improves both your overall health, and your acne.
>>Clean the face with normal cleanser; then rinse the skin well with warm water, then cool water.And now try this honey blemish treatment, that’s really magical,Dab a bit of honey on the affected area to deep-clean the pore and draw out any bacteria. Let sit for ten to 15 minutes.Honey is great for drawing out impurities. It also contains a large amount of potassium, giving it antibacterial properties. For serious cases, try a complete facial mask of pure honey, rather than just a spot treatment.Wash out and pat Dry ur face.
>>Peel oranges and dry out thm in hot area like not under sun :) but side of this it will make them Crispier and make powder after tht mix it with rose water and apply two times a week.
These all to achieve a good skin qualities and will help u to discover a fresh, Gr8 looking skin and health too.Try it.Tc

Laura asks…

Does anyone know of home remedies for acne?

Hi, im 17 & have acne on my forehead. I also have red marks & acne scars. I think its very embarrasing, but I cant do nothing about it. So does anyone know of natural home remedies for this?

admin answers:

Home remedies don’t fix the problem. Acne is caused by what we put on our faces and what we EAT in the 21st century, as we have not evolved to suit this.

Acne is only a symptom, it’s not the actual problem. The problem is internal(diet). Diet can affect some people much worse than others. I’ve tried eating healthy for months with no success, I’ve been eating what everyone says is great loads of rice and pasta with fruit, veg and a little bit of meat. But last week I started to ease myself into the paleolithic diet, caveman diet or hunter gatherer diet whatever you want to call it. I’m already seeing clear patches on my face. I stopped eating grains as they are inflammatory and cause you to get spots really, I also stopped drinking milk a month ago as the hormones in it are awful for acne! Milk is taken from pregnant cows that are full of hormones that baby cows need to grow, not humans! So you’ve got to cut out all grains like wheat ect. Basically you can eat most fruit, vegetables not nightshades (look them up), eggs that must be organic free range or not at all, then fish, poultry and meat grass fed would be best if possible. Try to eat liver and kidney and different parts of different animals as often as you can. I’m looking into places that provide organic foods for me to buy outside of the supermarkets and I’m going to start buying rabbit, frogs and venison. Really limit how much sun exposure you get to an hour a week in strong sun is the max you should get because it makes you’re skin produce more oil! Also sun cream doesn’t do your skin any favors!

Try to eat as similar to how you think your ancestors would have eaten, say I’m from England but as with most English people I originate from central Europe, so I would have eaten fish, venison, rabbit and things like that but not turtle, zebra and buffalo but some peoples ancestors will so they should eat like that. But sometimes they wouldn’t have been able to find animals for say 36 hours and would have just grazed on fruit veg, nuts and seeds.

I’ve started to drink tons of water and I mean tons. For the first Three days drink as much water as possible then just a fair amount for Six days or you’ll mess up your sodium levels. Then have three more days of drinking as much as possible from then on just aim to drink 8-10 glasses a day. But on days where you are drinking loads just drink until you can’t possibly drink anymore then wait and drink some more as soon as you can. When you start the paleo diet you may get a worse breakout of spots, this is good it means your body is starting to change how it function. Also try to have a paleo breakfast, paleo lunch then a small normal dinner and paleo snacks through the day. But don’t jump into it or you’ll get really weak from a lack of carbohydrates. But you will feel a bit weak for about two weeks as you cut your dependency on carbs. Eat no more than two pieces of fruit a day or they may do more harm than good. At least four types of veg a day maybe some raw if you can manage it or save the water you cooked them in and drink it for extra minerals and vitamins! I do it and it’s not too bad. When you’ve done two weeks on 2/3 paleo meals start to cut down to Mon all paleo, Tues 2/3 paleo, wed all paleo, Thurs 2/3 paleo, Fri all paleo, Sat 2/3 paleo Sun 3/4 paleo ( maybe have a small chocolate bar on Sunday but do not think oh I’ve had one i can have two, been there my self but survived on one).

So if you’ve actually read all that I reckon that should cure your acne, but it will take a month to become clear, just remember if you become lazy and unmotivated you will fail but also you will fail if you try to follow it straight a way, slow and steady wins the race.

Good luck!! :) Anything else you want just ask I’ll check back later.

Please don’t waste the half hour I spent writing this answer!!!

Oh and almost forgot, exercise for AT LEAST 30 mins a day this can be jogging walking or playing sport but you must be active as often as you can or you’ll get fat!

Ruth asks…

How long will It take for my acne to clear up through diet!?

If I start eating really healthy: fruits,veggies, little meat, lots of water
How long will it take me to clear my skin up? Right now I have about 20 small pimples on my face and 20 on my two shoulders TOTAL.

admin answers:

Cover it up with makeup ???

Hormones, stress and diet are the biggest causes for acne. Matter O’ fact, most skin ailment like acne, eczema, hives, etc. All stem from a poor immune system brought on by a poor diet. Fast foods, greasy foods, refined sugar.. All them things that you know are bad for you cause out breaks from the inside out. Your going to need to tackle it from both directions, internally and externally.

Start drinking strong lemon juice to help flush the toxins out of your body. It is also a natural astringent. Same with honey. It also has essential nutrients that kill the acne causing bacteria.

While the lemon juice and honey is working inside and out, do what you can to help ‘push’ the toxins out. 20-30 minutes with a hot towel on your face or strenuous exercise to sweat it out and constantly gently wash it

As far as a time goes, hard to tell. It takes a long time of poor eating habits to get the bodies immune system out of whack. Things like eczema and acne are just signs of a bigger problem on the inside. The body it’s self wants to heal it’s self. You give it the balance and nutrients that it want then it will work with you and things should turn around in about 4 weeks or so

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