Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Robert asks…

What is the best way to clear up acne scars?

I don’t really have acne b/c i wash my face a lot now. but when i did have a lot, picking at them would give me scars. Any ways to make them dissapear? preferably products…

admin answers:

Rockout4 !
Scars caused by acne are much more common than doctors once believed, most people will have acne scars that are mild. However, some will have scars that look significant even to others. The best approach is prevention and to treat acne right away as sometimes even mild acne can cause scarring, this can minimize the risk of permanent acne scars. There are a number of different looking scars caused by acne.
You may try out these remedies at home that will help you to get rid off acne marks and cure your face.

* Take the fresh juice of lemon and dip some cotton wool in it. Pat your face with the cotton and let it dry. Some people may find the lemon juice irritating. In that case, you can dilute it in some water or rose-water. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and wash your face with water after that. Do this at least four times a week and you will find considerable change.
* Make a paste with some sandalwood powder and rose-water. Add 2-4 drops of lime juice to it. Apply this paste on your face and neck and let it dry completely. After that, rinse your face with cool water and wipe off the paste with cotton wool. Do this on a regular basis (twice a week) to get good results.
* Apply cucumber juice on your face with cotton wool. In summers, you can do this almost daily as it helps cool off the skin and tighten the pores. Cucumber juice is very helpful is making your skin glow and make it feel fresh.
A popular homemade remedy for removing acne marks is to make a paste of apple and honey. Make the apple paste first and then add 4-6 drops of honey. Apply this mask on your face. Wash off after 15 minutes. This will tighten pores and make your complexion light.

Lisa asks…

How do I get rid of the redness in my zit?

I popped it yesterday while in the shower. I shouldn’t have popped it. I put a white crest toothpaste on it at night, and now it is all red and I think scabbed. I tried using Visine eye drops on it, but it didn’t work. I have this acne wash, a neutrogena one, and that didn’t work. Now I’m applying ice to it, hoping that works, but I checked after about 30 minutes and it doesn’t look any different. Please, do you have any ideas of what I should do? I have school in 2 days, and I can’t go out and buy anything because my mom won’t be home from her trip and I’m not old enough to drive yet.

admin answers:

You can use Neem Oil and Coconut oil to remove pimples.

Less is better.

Angelina O, has found that applying ACV topically to her face several times a day (4 or more times) has cured her of a “very bad complexion”. She reports that she applies it straight and that while it burns her skin a bit, it still works like a miracle!

Cheryl writes, “My daughter developed a case of moderate acne, and after trying a number of different things for over a year which helped very little or not at all, she started drinking 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar three times a day and applying it topically once at night. She has been acne free for two months. It took about three weeks to clear up.”

Anne writes, “I have had acne for years, I started using apple cider vinegar on my face a few months ago, and have seen major improvements. I don’t have nearly as many blemishes and the ones that do pop up every now and then are small.

Nicole, from Sherman Oaks, CA writes, “Apple cider vinegar has helped cure my acne. I have had pimples under the skin on my chin for several years. I tried everything and they would not go away. I started using acv in the morning and at night. My pimples have dried up and the redness is clearing up.”

Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda
1/26/2006: KLC from Stratford, CT writes, “I’ve actually been using combination of baking soda and Apple Cider Vinegar to clean my face and my results have been very successful. Here is what I do daily:

Morning: I use a deep cleansing face wash. Lather and let sit for 1 min, then rinse with ACV.

Night: I add baking soda to the deep cleanser (excellent make-up remover!), lather and let sit for 1 min. Then rinse with ACV. I get a quick foaming reaction that gives a deeper pore cleansing!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Aspirin Toner

Anonymous writes, “Instead of buying expensive facial products, I mix up my own “toner” using 1/2 water, 1/2 vinegar and a few aspirins. The acids in the vinegar force your old skin cells to flake off, much like the store-bought “alpha hydroxy” products. The aspirin is my own anti-acne solution. A lot of acne products use salicylic acid, which is basically aspirin with a few small chemical differences. The aspirin won’t dissolve completely, but it doesn’t seem to matter. This works especially well against those big, deep acne spots which older people often get. I’ve been using this twice a day on my face for five years now and people are always amazed when I tell them my real age (44). One caution, though: Be sure to also use a face lotion with at least SPF 15 everyday–even in winter (Oil of Olay knock-offs are fairly cheap)–because the vinegar mixture will make your skin thinner (just like the expensive store-bought ones will) and more susceptible to sun damage. The SPF prevents age spots from forming, and that’s worth the money in my book. ”

3/18/2006: Lisa from West Plains, MO writes, “I started drinking acv two times a day, morning and before bed. My routine goes like this: 2 little paper cups, one with a little hydrogen peroxide and the other a little acv. I take a cotton ball and soak it with the peroxide and I then use it all over my face (like astringent), careful to avoid my eyebrows. Then I wet a q-tip with the acv and dab any pimples. It is very effective with whiteheads. I hate to throw out the acv so I drink what’s left. Drink in small amounts, one big swig will leave you feeling like your gonna get sick. I know from experience. When I started this routine I broke out a lot, I think this was because it was getting all the icky bacteria and toxins out of my body. It took a couple weeks but I had faith and kept up the routine. I also take two tbs. Of blackstrap molasses morning and night. I am able to go from a laying down position to sitting up on my own. I am disabled and pretty much bedridden. Is this a miracle? I think so. I have more energy and don’t sleep during the day which left me feeling more tired and unable to sleep at night. I take the molasses before the acv.”

Here’s a description we found on the internet of how apple cider vinegar helps cure acne. The author is unknown:

“When the blood is deficient in some minerals or biochemic salt, ill-health is the outcome e.g. Boils break out, suppurating blisters become apparent, pimples appear on the face etc. It has been found however, that cider vinegar helps with the cleansing as well as the clotting of the blood. Oxidation of the blood is very important and cider vinegar is again an effective treatment for this. Besides introducing the important minerals into the blood stream, as mentioned above, cider vinegar also helps in the clotting of blood. This is of tremendous help to those people who are commonly termed ‘bleeders’, as they live their lives in fear of cutting themselves due to the bloods inability to clot, and it will also enhance the healing process.”

Michael asks…

Does tanning in a tanning bed help clear acne and acne scars?

Has anyone ever tried this and if they have how long did you tan for and how long did it take. Also did you use a high sunblock or anything?

admin answers:

Yes, tanning helps acne but it won’t help your scars. If anything it would make scars worse if you don’t protect them. It took me about 4 weeks of tanning to see acne results, but it really helped dry up acne on my face and chest. If you exfoliate your face regularly, you can help the scarring, just make sure to wear a moisurizer on the scars while you tan and after. It sounds strange, but acne forms sometimes because you don’t use moisturizer on your skin and it over produces its own oil because of it. I did not use a sunblock because I didn’t see the point in tanning and using sunblock. But I never use high pressure beds, just the standard without face lamps or facial tanners. The facial tanners will really make you look old if you use them. Stick to the low pressure standard beds and you will have good luck.

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