Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Carol asks…

How to get rid of acne quickly?

I have a modelling photoshoot next Saturday but I’ve suddenly broken out in awful acne! I need to get rid of it in a week. If anyone knows any quick ways to clear up skin, it would be so appreciated. I wash my face twice a day and have done for years.

admin answers:

3) GET ZINC TABLETS (take 50mg a day)
4) Apply moisturizer

Ruth asks…

How did you get rid of your acne PERMANANTLY?

Have been dealing with acne for two years now. Have tried many things including benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, antibiotics, apple cleanse/detox.

Nothing works except benzoyl peroxide. My face gets completely clear if I use Proactive or any other over the counter product that has benzoyl peroxide. Clearasil Ultra works especially well.

However after I’m all clear and stop using the products my acne comes back. I’ve tried to continue the benzoyl peroxide for a couple of weeks AFTER my face is clear. But when discontinued, acne comes back again.

Looking for other tried and true methods. Not interested in accutane. Considering birth control b/c I think it may be a hormonal issue.

Welcome any suggestions. Thanks.
Reason I don’t want to continue using benzoyl peroxide (eventho it works well): it’s aging my skin making me look old.

admin answers:

To ward off pimples ‘permantly’ might be a bit extreme, however, to have a considerable cutback in breakouts would no doubt make you happy.

First of all, you did not mention how old you are. This is a bit of a key point. Nevertheless, what you did say was that when you stopped using acne products your acne returned. Keeping on a good skin care regimen is like brushing your teeth; it is an ongoing task, that is, if you want good skin.

I would only use birth control if you have grade 4 or 5 acne. Grades 1,2 and 3 acne can usually be controlled with the right product. Since I’m not sure which grade you are, I will direct my advice towards the lesser grades.

Daily gentle exfoliating is important in warding off acne. You need to keep the dead skin cells from building up on the skin which in turn blocks oil flow from the pore, thereby causing a pimple. My suggestion is to start off with Micro Retin-A. When the tube is used up, then you can perhaps use a dense scrub to exfoliate with, or you can just stay on Retin-A.

Get an oil free moisturizer by Neutrogena and use it both day and night.

I have recommended acne vitamins to my clients many times and more often than not, they report to me amazing results. You can get vitamins for acne skin over the internet or at a health food store. A good vitamin will have a large dose of Pantothenic Acid as well as Alpha Lipoic Acid.
Pantothenic acid helps make the oil fluidy rather than sticky so that it can flow easily out onto the skin.

I hope this information is useful to your particular circumstances. Good luck. : )

Susan asks…

How to avoid breaking out from the sun?

I am a lifeguard and am in the sun about 8 hours a day 4 days a week. I started in February (i live in florida) and began getting acne around march and its starting to get really bad, especially on my forehead. I just moved to florida from ohio so my skin isnt used to being in the sun all the time. i use clean and clear every night but it just keeps getting it the sun? i have also tried using many different types of sunscreen.

admin answers:

You may want to see a dermotologist if you can’t get it under control with OTC products. The sunscreen you are using may well be an issue. Try using a moisurizer with SPF and then wearing a hat or visor to help shield your face (if possible).

I’ve known plenty of people who had good results with Proactive for acne.

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