Clear Acne In 4 Weeks

Michael asks…

How fast did Proactive work for u?

So I’ve been using Proactive for 4 weeks and my acne before wasn’t severe, pretty moderate, u know redness and zits on the forehead (excessivly), chin, and sides of nose. The Proactive is sorta working, I see sorta of a difference but it seems as soon as some zits go away, new ones appear. I mean I try not to touch my face and I use this every morning and night. My forehead still looks like a greasy pizza. For all u Proactive users, how long did it take your skin to totally clear up to the point where none to maybe like 2 zits show up now? What else did u have to do? Any special tips? Has anyone used it and it didn’t work at all?

admin answers:

Ive been using proactive for about four months now, and I have seen a big difference. In the other hand my younger brother has been seeing a dermatologist for the last two years, and the meds that the doctor gave him did not work at all. His face looked really bad, so he started using Proactive, he’s face looks great. Each day he’s face is getting better, so maybe you just need more time. Good Luck!

Maria asks…

What is the best product(s) for clearing skin acne?

I’ve had acne since 4th grade. It’s not as bad as it used to be; thank God! But I still wish my skin looked as flawless as other girls in my school. I’ve tried almost everything! ProActive- Dried my skin, TriClear- literally did nothing, I’ve also tried many scrubs and face washes but don’t notice a difference, I’ve also used these acne pills from my doctor but they only helped for a short time. I don’t know what else to do/try. Help?

admin answers:

You’ve had some good answers already; I’ll just add a few more tips.

There are a few reasons why people’s skin breaks out. A couple that could be causing challenges for your skin are: 1) Biochemical imbalance—acne generally appears as a result of an overproduction of sebum, oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Hormonally influenced (have you noted a link between your periods and the acne?), sebum production can increase during puberty and often cyclically with females of any age. Sebum’s greasy characteristics mean it can attract acne-promoting bacteria and give rise to pimples or blackheads
2) Nutritional intake—if you find yourself eating cookies, chips or donuts, then those foods could be contributing to your acne in a couple of ways as well. First, an intake of refined carbohydrates can produce insulin surges and insulin-like growth factors that in turn can lead to an excess of the male hormones—androgens—that cause skin cells to secrete sebum (and thus the big cycle with that oil attracting bacteria and creating pimples/blackheads). I’m a holistic nutritionist and I also have any of my clients with acne totally avoid dairy for 3-4 weeks so they can see if that makes a difference (it usually does, then they can maybe add in just some raw, organic cheese but stay away from processed dairy). Additionally, excessive intake of unhealthy fats, proteins and sugar can cause some of the body’s organs (i.e. Liver, digestive organs) to become overloaded. As those organs are less able to keep up with their purifying and detoxifying tasks, the skin—our body’s largest elimination organ—is called in to help.

All this to say, there are likely contributing factors to your pimples that you can have some control over, thus have control over whether or not you get them (at least in the volume/size/length of time they last). So what do you do??

Best bet is to tackle it from the inside (i.e. Nutrition) as well as with helpful organic products on the outside. Eating lots of veggies, drinking lots of water (and no other beverages such as pop, juices, milk) and avoiding refined sugars and grains helps, as can some natural acne cures like dabbing breakouts with organic coconut oil (with or without a sprinkle of turmeric in it). I also often recommend the Miessence Certified Organic Purifying line to my clients with acne. In combination with healthy dietary change they see very good results. Good luck and hang in there. You can have healthy skin!

Richard asks…

how to get clear skin in two weeks or less ?

i use proactiv & i use it twice a day for about 4 weeks now . i’ve seen no results & just recently my acne has gotten worse . i’m looking for over the counter products to try . my skin isn’t oily , nor dry & i would really like my skin to clear up within the next two weeks . thank you .

admin answers:

I am a Registered Nurse and I specialize in skin care and teen acne.

Your question is very broad and you need to get professional advice. I will explain why it’s a broad question!

Your age plays a role! How old are you? Do you always have breakouts?

However, acne can result from several factors such an increase in hormone levels. In males testosterone or androgens. In females, androgens respectively. The increase in androgen levels can stimulate the oil glands to become enlarged and thus more oil production is produced. An increased oil production can clog the pores with oil or sebum ( white thick substance) which cause the cell walls of the pores in the skin to breakdown. This process allows bacteria to form and thus breakouts develop.

Genetics may also be a cause. It is a myth that greasy food or chocolate causes breakouts.

However, using make-up sponges that are not changed or washed often can contaminate the pores with bacteria which may develop into acneic breakouts.

If you are a teenager ( which I assume that you are) your hormones play a definite role in your breakouts.

If you have severe breakouts than you might need medication. There are many factors.

The most important thing is that you need products that are AGE APPROPRIATE! Every age group has different products appropriate for them. If you are young than you need milder products as to not dry out your beautiful young skin.

The problem with commercial skin products is that they are manufactured for MASSES OF PEOPLE and are not specifically made for different peoples’ needs.

Your skin type is different than mine and your age differs from mine so how is it logical that we both use the same skin product for breakouts. We need different strengths of cleansers and toners. Do you kind of understand what I am getting at?

Here is my STRONG SUGGESTION for you. I refer all my students and patients to this website:

You need to consult with professionals and on this website YOU CAN ASK QUESTIONS FOR FREE AND A SKIN EXPERT/PHYSICIAN WILL ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. It would be a shame if you dont take advantage of this free service.

Lastly, they have incredible products for breakouts and they make them specifically for every kind of skin type. That means that if your breakouts are more severe than mine, than while we both will buy the same product yours will have stronger ingredients than mine will.

They have a mild glycolic acid cleanser that’s great for your type of skin and also a DRYING LOTION ( I have 3 bottles) that you put directly on your breakouts and the next day it’s gone. It’s truely magic in a bottle.

A basic guideline for properly taking care of your skin is this ( now if you’re a young girl you will need fewer products than this):

Night time:

1. Exfoliate the skin
2. Mild Glycolic Acid Cleanser
3. Mild Glycolic Acid Toner ( cleans off the excess debris and balances the PH level of the skin).
4. Drying Lotion used only on breakouts
5. Moisturizer


1. Mild Glycolic Acid Cleanser
2. Moisturizing cream

The above is a standard you may need to only use one or two products. Visit:
As I suggested and click on the ASK FOR FREE section send them an email and you will get free expert skin care advice.

You can also read up on acne at:

Good Luck to you,

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