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John asks…

What are easy ways that will help keep my skin rejuvenated?

I am 20, have two fine lines under my eyes and have been battling moderate-severe acne for the past 6 years. My acne has toned down slightly, derm prescribed Retin-A (will begin use soon). My skin is slightly scarred, has open poors, and appears to be rough. Also, discoloration and red marks from acne. I am looking into more expensive and helpful treatments, but for simple at home care (i.e. products from stores, etc.) what should I do?

admin answers:

Hi Lauren

Here are a few testimonials on how to heal the issue.

11/24/2007: Vinny ( from Atlanta, GA writes: “A quick, cheap, & healthy way to prevent and heal acne (even blackheads) is to use Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Oil. A big bottle is about $8-9 and can be found at GNC. Make sure you dilute it with water as it is very potent like other oils. You should have very good success with this and should notice HUGE differences within a day.”

10/04/2007: Martha from Lawrenceville, GA writes: “I’ve always had trouble with acne — I could never get my skin completely under control. ACV helped — taking it internally — but I still broke out in a monthly cycle. I started using aloe vera gel on my face a few weeks ago, and my skin has cleared up dramatically. I’ve not had one breakout, and my skin is getting to be so pretty! I just use a generic aloe vera gel that I picked up in WalMart.”

10/03/2007: Jennifer from Kirkland, Washington writes: “I have been using a mixture of coconut oil and aloe vera gel (4:1 ratio) on my face for my acne for only 2 weeks and it has almost completely cleared it up. I have had moderate to severe acne since I was 13 (I am now 37), and have tried everything under the sun to diminish it. Some things have helped more than others, but this is the first time my skin has felt so good and looked so good in almost 25 years

Best of health to you

Daniel asks…

How do i get rid of my pimples?

I dont have alot maybe 1-4 scattered on my face at any given time but they do not seem to be gone no matter what i use. Is there a good home remedy or anything special i could buy or what i could eat?

admin answers:

Argh, I hate it when that used to happened! I would recommend using Clearasil ULTRA: Acne+Marks Wash and Mask. You can buy this at a local drug store. If you can’t find it with the exact name, just find one that’s Clearasil and says can clear acne fast. Apply it to your face everyday for 2 weeks and about 3 minutes each time. Good luck clearing your acne!

Carol asks…

Does it matter what brand of benzoyl peroxide wash you use on your back?

I have acne on my back, chest, and shoulders. Right now, I’m using a 10% acne cream, but it doesn’t last long. I was thinking about buying Panoxl or another face wash with benzoyl peroxide for my back. I heard Panoxyl is the best for body acne. Panoxyl is expensive, but I was just wondering don’t all benzoyl peroxide washes work the same?

admin answers:

In my opinion it does matter what brand you use.

The reason why some are more expensive, is because they use higher concentrations of active ingredients, and they also use higher grade ingredients. Meaning they are using top notch medical grade stuff… Like with drugs… Would you rather have medical grade heroin, or would you rather get the cut crap?

In my experience, there is also a big difference with the inactive ingredients. I just got some dermalogica medibac clearing wash for my face, and i compared that with my neutrogena pink grapefruit acne wash and i was blown away.

For starters, the neutrogena has added fragrance. Dermalogica has no added fragrance, so it smells more botanical – kind of like lemon.

Next, Dermalogica uses a natural foaming agent. Neutrogena uses a chemical foaming agent. Nearly all chemical foaming agents like Sodium Laureth Sulfate are bad for your skin. They cause irritation and dryness.
Most people think that if it foams it cleans better, but that is psychological, it wont clean you better.
Similar to how people think blowdrying hair on hot, dries hair quicker… It doesnt. Itll dry just as fast using cold.

I would suggest you try getting Panoxyl, but try and get it from a place with a good refund policy, so if it does not start showing results within 3 weeks, you can go return it.
Or you can just continue using it… I dont really like returning stuff because it might go to waste, but if you feel it did absolutely nothing then id return it.
Also keep in mind, they recommend you continue a product for 4 weeks to see just how effective the product is. But i always tell people if you do not see any change within three weeks you probably wont see anything in a week.

But you also need to be doing other things to help battle the body acne:
1. Wash up regularly – anytime after sweating etc. After school or work, i would change my shirt and use an acne clearing wipe to wipe your back and chest.
2. Change your sheets once a week. Your sheets collect all types of grime like sweat, oils, dead skin cells, etc. All of those things clog your pores and lead to body acne – well not sweat, but sweat causes bacteria
3. If you are in school, or need to wear a backpack, try carrying your books instead. Same with a purse, try carrying your purse.
Those cause an increased sweat build up, and increases bacteria levels.
Using a wipe at the end of the day will help get rid of the bacteria and if you make sure its an acne one with salicylic acid youll help clear the pores of oil and dead skin cells

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