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David asks…

How to get rid of acne without any products?

I have little bumps but not a lot, I never really had a problem with my acne since I didn’t have a lot, but just a few minutes ago I was rubbing my forehead and felt two new bumps of acne sprouting :( Right above my right eyebrow. Any tips on how to get rid of acne? I’m looking for home remedies, like toothpaste, salt, etc, I don’t want any products :I
And what are some ways to stop acne?

admin answers:

Go on youtube, Look up “Michelle Phan masks” She has asprin masks, tomato masks, egg masks, sushi masks.. All good for sking :)

Daniel asks…

Does birth control really work to get rid of acne?

I am 14 years old and I usually just get blackheads or whiteheads but all of a sudden I got a huge nodule on my nose. I heard that birth control helps get rid of acne and I am wondering if that is true and what types of acne it helps clear up. Can I be put on it when I’m only 14? And what are the side effects and how much is it? Thanks!

admin answers:

Buy yourself the soap and the cream of Vichy Normaderm.

They are very good sell them in samborns.

The cream costs less than $200 and the soap costs $60.

I believe me I use them and they are very good, and the better thing is that they are for teenagers, for whom there are other creams that are for persons mas adult and even they produce prejudices to the young skins for which they are very irritating.

This cream takes the sheen from you, it you dries the pimples and prepares that they work out different new thanks to a new technology that alone there have the Laboratories Vichy and Lancome.

The two are very good only that the creams are mas cheap in Vichy.

The equivalent of the cream that I recommend to you but of the laboratories Lancome it is called A Mash Focus and costs approximately $500. It finalizes you see that cost buys me $480.

If you investigate the ccompañíasque they do them, it is the same for that both Laboratories belong to Lo-real and in my oopiniónlas two creams have the same substance, alone that the cream Lancome comes mas concentrated in the active substance and therefore it works mas rapidly beside having a better presentation. It is to say that it is mas elegant and luxurious.
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James asks…

What are some natural ways to get rid of acne?

I’m 13 and I have minor breakouts on my forehead and chin, and every once in a while a painful big zit. I’ve tried all the generic brands but they just dry out my skin and make my skin feel weird. I’ve heard of the egg white mask….this could be a stupid question but couldn’t you get like e.coli from that? What are some natural ways to get rid of acne? I have dry skin by the way. Thanks so much!

admin answers:

Best advice: drink enough water and wash your face at night with a cleanser to rid your skin of dirt/oils/environmental ick
use a toner with salicylic acid in it just around those trouble zones… You are only 13 and you’ve got a few more years of raging hormones and bad skin (sorry, but dont’ worry, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!! LOL)
good luck.

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