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Charles asks…

What is the best way to get rid of acne and cheap?

Hey Im 13 years old and I need a good product that is REALLY cheap and gets rid of acne. What all can I do thats quick, easy and painless? thanks!

admin answers:

You could try one of the many over the counter cleanser/degreasers, most are based on peroxide, Panoxyl is a typical example. If this fails the next step is to see your GP for topical or oral antibiotics. Avoid tetracycline and oxytetracyline as they are awkward to take and not very effective, minocycline or lymecycline are better.

Sandra asks…

Is it true lemon gets rid of acne and acne scars?

I have read online that lemon gets rid of acne scars and acne. I just wondered if this was true and if so how do you use it?

admin answers:

I never tried lemon. But I know Glycolic Acid will clear up acne and that is made of fruit acid. I’m not sure if lemon contains Glycolic Acid but it might work. Probably just cut it in half rub it on your face and leave it there for a while then wash it off. Honestly though I put olive leaf extract on my acne and it cleared my face in a few days and kept my acne AWAY, even during my period.

Linda asks…

What is best for getting rid of acne?

What store- bought product (or homemade) is best for getting rid of acne? Besides washing your face….TY and Happy Holidays!

admin answers:

Here are some natural treatments for pimples :

1. Tea tree oil is a popular home remedy for pimple. It is an essential oil that is diluted and applied topically to pimple lesions.

2. Zinc is another popular home remedy for pimple. A couple of research studies have found that zinc is somewhat effective.

3. Garlic juice is an effective way as a natural pimple treatment because garlic is a natural antibacterial agent. It contains sulfur which is nature’s antibiotic.

4. Honey contains potassium, which suffocates bacteria in pimple cells to get rid of pimples faster.

5. Dandelion is very effective in fighting pimple. Use the complete dandelion plant.

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