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Laura asks…

How do I get rid of acne and an even skin tone?

Every time I get rid of one pimple i find another one on my face. When my whole face is clear my skin tone is all uneven.
How do I get rid of acne and how can I prevent it? Easy ways to get an even skin tone?? Also what face washes work for you?
Thanks for All the help!!!

admin answers:

Pro active cleans acne away really well, its expensive though! Viche works well and if youre looking for something cheap, clean and clear is a good one!

Maria asks…

What are some good drugstore powder foundations gets rid of acne, and clears blemishes, AND stays on all day?

I want a foundation so that i can keep my face from being oily and stays the whole day without coming off. I put my makeup on at like 6 in the morning and then i get home after 4, and all my makeup looks washed out. I am looking for a good drugstore powder foundation that actually gets rid of acne and doesnt clog up your pores. What are some suggestions? and are there any good ones around 10 dollars?

admin answers:

Use Almay clear complexion foundation and concealer great it Hides
acne and clear up it too great coverage last all day.

Also Neutrogena skinclearing foundation and concealer and Pressed powder good
Medium coverage and oil free.

Mark asks…

How do I use organics to make my skin lighter and get rid of Acne?

How do I make my skin lighter naturally? Like using vegetables and shit? AND how do I get rid of Acne with organics [vegetables, tea, etc.]

admin answers:

Hi, I am a DIY person :) so I am always looking for homemade stuff instead of buying.

I looked into the matter and I found out many natural home remedies for acne. Most of them will help your skin heal from the damage caused by your acne, but they won’t cure the acne.

But I didn’t give up. One theory that made sense to me is that you need to treat the internal problem causing acne. That is – hormonal imbalances, toxines etc..

How can you do that? – Primarily you must help the liver, the pancreas and the kidney.

I am currently using “Apple Cider Vinegar” which is a natural cure for acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar is an effective natural agent that cures acne by killing the bacteria and balancing our skin’s pH level (which is a measure of acidity). It also absorbs excessive oil from our skin, which is a leading cause of acne.

In the spring I will take a Dandelion cure.

Dandelion shuns wet places, it has two outstanding qualities: it is useful in disorders of the liver and of the gallbladder.
Dandelion and Stinging Nettle have a blood purifying effect. They aide the functions of the liver and the pancreas, thus reducing the hormonal imbalances in the body.

Infusion: 1 heaped tablespoon of roots is soaked in cold water overnight, brought to the boil and strained next day. This amount is apportionately sipped, half an hour before and half an hour after breakfast.

I also recommend a Nettle cure as an acne remedy.

- Wear gloves when handling fresh nettle plants.
- Remove leaves from stems and discard stems.
- Fill a teapot full of nettle leaves
- Pour boiling water over the leaves.
- Steep for 5 minutes.
- Add honey and/or lemon if desired and drink.

The tea will be somewhat bitter. However, it is quite nutritious an especially high in calcium.

Other quick homemade acne treatments I found to keep your skin clean:

1. Garlic is an excellent treatment for acne, in case you did not know. Just rub with a garlic clove cut in two over the acne, or cut into slivers a garlic clove and apply over acne with a plaster, leaving overnight to act;

2. Onion is a good apprentice in the fight against acne and its traces when it disappears. Make a puree with the blender and apply it as a facial mask once a week;

3. Lemon juice applied to skin helps to close pores, and to increase the brightness of skin;

4. Baking soda mixed with vegetal soap (preferably soap made only from olive oil or vegetable oil) is the best antibacterial scrub the skin;

5. Mixture of fine sea salt to whites of an egg is very good for sensitive skin attacked by acne. Apply as a mask and remove easily with circular movements;

6. Honey can be applied as a mask for acne skin;

7. Vinegar is a good tonic antiseptic for acne, acting very gentle if you mix in equal proportion with water or green tea;

8. Yogurt is very effective and safe for skin prone to acne. Apply directly from the jar, let it react 5-10 minutes, then rinse;

9. Cut a gauze circle about the size of the face, soak it in fresh made green tea (very hot but not boiling) and apply on face. Let dry and remove carefully;

10. Herbs such as echinacea, rosemary, dill and parsley are great for teas and infusions wich purify the skin.

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