Get Rid Of Acne Fast

David asks…

How to get rid of acne fast?

I’ve been washing my face twice a day and it seems to be helping, but I still have a few pimples. What are some home remedies for getting rid of small pimples or acne scars fast for flawless skin?

admin answers:

Girl, I know how you feel. I use the lemon juice method about 2 times each week. I don’t think it gets rid of acne, BUT it prevents more acne from coming, keeps your face light and bright, cleans out your pores, gets rid of acne scars and gives you a less oily face. Here’s how it works:
While taking a shower, wash your face with water first like you always do and dry your face off. Take half a lemon OR lime and squeeze onto your hand. Rub it on your face gently. (Warning: it might burn if you have any open scars or sensitive skin) Let the lemon juice sit on your face for about 2-5 minutes. If the burn is unbearable, immediately wash your face with warm water. I strongly recommend doing this method no more than 3 times a week or it might cause dry skin. There’s more home remedies but I suggest you look it up on google! Hopefully I helped and have a wonderful day!

Mary asks…

pimples suck and i’m desperate! how do you get rid of acne for free? ?

i’m 15 and i have reoccurring acne. i don’t have credit cards obviously, and i can’t drive anywhere on my own. not to mention, my parents just get me the generic stuff that doesn’t really do ANYTHING. are there any home remedies, or FREE TIPS that can help me get rid of acne fast? preferably before school photos? i don’t wanna be brought down by my blemishes anymore.

admin answers:

I’ve had severe acne myself, try looking for more information on any acne website, like this one for example:

You’ll find some great info there, hope you can get rid of them quickly.

Nancy asks…

How long does proactive take to give me clear skin or a a big change?

And what can I do along with Proactive to get rid of acne fast, list all ways!

admin answers:

It really depends. I’d say it takes around 2 weeks to notice a difference. However, if you don’t see a change right away don’t drown you problem areas in cream because they will just become more blocked and you may develop more pimples. Just use it as directed and you’ll be lookin good in no time.

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