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Carol asks…

What/Which foods cause pimples, and what is the fastest way to cure acne?

I’ve been a pretty tough runner in high school in some time, and I’ve been consuming foods that some people SUPPOSEDLY say are bad for acne. The problem is that these foods are what I need to sustain a healthy and buff running body. These foods include:
1.Peanut butter
3.Dairy products, like yogurt
4.Sweets (I know this is not runner-type food, but I’m just confused over whether this really causes acne).
5.Oil or “oily” foods
6.Fats, specifically saturated fat
7.Carbs, such as bread
I used to eat some of these foods on a somewhat regular basis. But now, I have no idea what to do considering what these foods are capable of. I want to have a healthy runner body, but I don’t want to have a pizza face either!!!! It drives me so mad I wanna tear my face apart. And I’ve been trying all kinds of remedies to try to get rid of my acne. I’ve tried Clearasil, fruits, and other solutions, but nothing seems to be working. I NEED HELP!!! Is there anything I could do to get rid of my acne faster?? And do the foods above really cause acne!? Any advice will help, cause I don’t want to lose my spot on the running team all because of a few blemishes on my face!!!

admin answers:

Hi, yes some of these foods may cause acne, such as chocolate, and oily foods. What you eat is only a very small part of what causes acne. Stress is the usual cause of severe acne, maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself to be part of the team. I’m not saying you should quit, but try having a little more time for yourself. I would also wash my face after practice and track meet. It will clear up any dirt and sweat left behind. As far as products go, i would see a dermatologist depending on your skin type. CeraVe is a goo over the counter face wash for acne. Differin And Acanya are both prescribed topic cream but can be harsh for sensitive skin. Best of luck!

Mary asks…

How to get rid of acne fast?

Do you guys know any good home remedies for acne that work fast? Or just anything in general that will help get rid of acne and blackheads asap please? ! :)

admin answers:

I used to have terrible acne and i used avocado, potatoes, limes, oranges, strawberries, mangoes and bananas. I just blended the acids and fruits together letted them on my face for 10-20 minutes and little by little my acne problems started to decrease. I only repeated this two times a week and i recommend you to use moustorizer to refresh your skin after you do this and hope i helped. Oh and also use uncooked organic rice place it on water and get a towel and wet it from this water and place it on your face these actually helps. :)

Ken asks…

How fast does Proactive work?

I need to know because I have graduation in a week! And I need to get rid of acne fast!

admin answers:

Get Neutrogena Advanced Solutions next time, I got mine from Target on sale for about $17. (Usualy around $19-$20 reg.) It works friggin great! Plus no S&H, and no buying online/over the phone, or waiting for it in the mail hassle…

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