Get Rid Of Acne Fast

Jenny asks…

How to get rid of bacne or back acne?

Just tell me how to get rid of back acne fast laying out in the sun? Or what please help

admin answers:

A good product to help with this is sudocrem. It might sound silly but it had amazing results for any sort of skin conditions especially acne.

Richard asks…

How can I get rid of the acne on my chest before this Friday!?

Me & my friends are dressing up for Halloween & we’re wearing strapless dresses. But, I have acne on my chest and I don’t want people to see it because I’m self conscious of it! How can I get rid of my acne fast?!


admin answers:

*Wash it with warm water and a face towel morning and before you go to bed.
*Use a mild soap for sensitive skin or fragrance-free.
*Use an exfoliating peel off mask, to peel of any dead skin cells, oil and dirt.
*Use a good toner and dab some over the acne with a cotton ball.
*Wash it with an acne wash twice a week.
*Use a good moisturizing lotion (there are some especially for pimples/acne)
I’m not exactly sure if this will work before your halloween party, but i’m sure will improve by then.
Hope this helps :D

William asks…

How to get rid of acne FAST?

Does anyone have a home remedy that reduces/gets rid of acne really fast? Like, in a week or less? Please answer!!

admin answers:

Wash you’re face everyday 2-3 times. Be careful what you eat and use one of those facial soaps like clean & clear, proactive or something.

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