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Thomas asks…

What are some good and fast ways to get rid of acne and blackheads?

I’ve tried most medicines and topical creams but they don’t work very well for me. What are some natural and fast ways to get rid of acne?

admin answers:

Hey Lexi,
Try this it will help you cure your blackheads/acne/pimples scars,
Here is the immediate/ fast cure for pimple is homemade,simple and natural…

1.You can use ice:Wrap ice cubes/crushed ice in a piece of cloth and put it on the affected area for few seconds…wait few minute and try it again.This will help freeze the skin pores and remove the dirt and oil in the skin.Do this repeatedly throughout the day,It does enhance blood circulation.
2.Use Fresh Lemon Juice:It’s rich with Vitamin C, Dip a clean cotton swab into a fresh lemon juice not bottled one with preservatives,apply it before going to bed…it helps to dry up pimples very fast!
3.Use Honey:This is a great healer,it has natural antibiotics that will help heal skin infection and also prevent them too. Dip a clean cotton swab into a natural/fresh honey,apply it on the affect area leave it for half an hour/apply before going to bed.Wash off with lukewarm water.
4.Use steam:yea you got it steam…when you cook,boil water.Fill a large container with the hot water and allow the steam to come in contact with your face,it will open the pores for the skin to breathe all the oils,dirt and bacteria will come out.
5. Tea tree oil:It is a great cure for PIMPLES,it’s a simple and natural way to cure it…it contains terpinen-4-ol a good antibacterial agent,apply tea tree oil directly to your pimple and it will cure.
6.Use Aloe vera:This is the real deal! With is anti inflammatory and antimicrobial properties it will help cure skin scars eczema/pimples/acne fast.Apply aloe vera gel on the affected area or you mix it with vitamin E oil and apply,leave it overnight and you wash off with warm water in the morning.Repeat this till it disappears.
N:B – If your pimples do relocate, The reason why pimples relocate to other places is because you do allow the pores,dirt,oils from the pimples to touch other places…and please hold on/don’t take too much oily foods.
Medical help:Visit your hospital/doctor for prescription of FERROUS its a drug that will help wash/wipe the toxic from your body system/blood.

Paul asks…

How to reccomend an acne brand to try to someone who has bad acne?

So my cousin has bad acne, and I used to too (we got crappy skin genes) until I started using OXY’s products. They are amazing and have gotten rid of all my acne, and fast!

My problem is, is that I don’t know how to tell my cousin about this brand of products without sounding like, “I notice your acne!” Know what I mean?

How can I bring it up to her without hurting her feelings?


admin answers:

If your cousin doesn’t ask you what you used to improve your skin, keep your mouth shut.

I know you want to be helpful but this is something you should not broach unless you are asked for your advice.

David asks…

What household items can i use to get rid of acne fast?

I have bad acne-it’s genetic :( and really sensitive skin to begin with-bad combination. nothing works. I don’t wear any foundation/concealer, i don’t pop zits, i moisturize, i wash my face twice a day. i’ve tried sever different soaps-nothing gets rid of my acne. I heard cucumbers work but are their any other household items that will get rid of my acne?

admin answers:

This may sound digusting but my mom suggest urine to me and it sometimes works. Also less disgusting orange juice. She says the acid in both items helps kill them.

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