Get Rid Of Acne Fast

Carol asks…

How to get rid of acne?

how can i get rid of acne fast?? what are some products or treatments that i can use?? for example, does proactiv work? also what is the best moisturizer and on the spot treatment for pimples! im trying to get a new skin care routine that works because obviously my current one does not.

admin answers:

Try this tips for removing acne. Carrot mask is absolutely rich in powerful antioxidants as it is filled with Carotenoids, essential oils, and many other vitamins that are extremely helpful for your skin condition. Regular intake of carrot juice will definitely improve your skin condition by reducing skin pigmentation and supplying enough nutrients like potassium, calcium to the skin.

Mark asks…

How well does Neutragina Oil Free Acne Wash work?

I’m wondering cause I just got it, and I was curious if it actually got rid of acne fast
Well. I have oily skin type, any dry, what would you perscibe?

admin answers:

Its realllllly drying, even with moisturiser. Dont like

Sharon asks…

other than PRO ACTIVE, what is an effective way to get rid of acne ASAP?

does anyone know a cheap [i'm 14; don't have a lot of money.] approach to getting rid of acne FAST?
if you know any Over The Counter products that work fast, please let me know! please&thanks[=!

admin answers:

I tried the L’oreal Acne response product. You can get it at walmart for about 20$! It worked really well for me. It started working for me in about a week. Dont use too much, as it will dry your skin, like any other cleansing product. You have to use it everyother day at night before you go to bed. It may work it may not, but i had great results from it!

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