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John asks…

How do you get rid of headless acne FAST?

I have some headless acne and I have tried velocity, clean and clear and oxy. And is there any at home remedies to get rid of headless acne fast?

They are red and hard and by my hair line i that helps.

admin answers:

You should try tooth paste! Or nail polish remover! It’s weird, but if you just touch them with that it’s supposed to help!
You could also try crushing up an aspirin and mixing it with a tiny bit of water to make it into a paste and dab it on the spots too. That brings down the swelling so they’re not so noticeable and red.

Also, you really HAVE to try stridex. I had the same type of acne problems that you’re talking about, and within three days of using the stridex pads, my skin was closer to clear than I had for 5 years! I tried clean and clear, oxy, proactive, murad, and clearasil! Then as a last ditch effort used some stridex and was amazed!

Oh my gosh I sound like a commercial!! But seriously, I hope that this helps you a little bit!!! Good Luck!!

Thomas asks…

Acne Problems. What would you recommend to get rid of Acne fast?

My friend Kourtney Uses Proactive, And it’s done nothing for her. So is there anything out that that does work? And could maybe get rid of acne fast?

admin answers:


Hyland’s ClearAc 100% Natural Acne Tablets


Acne Gel

Read More about home remedies and other Acne cure and treatment on:

All the best

Laura asks…

how can i get rid of acne fast and without wasting money?

how can you get rid of acne fast!!!i need help, i want to know how to rid of acne on your own without buying any product..please help me

admin answers:

Acne treatment products are a multi-million dollar industry. They are designed to treat your acne, but keep you breaking out at the same time. Clearisil, Proactive, Murad — all are EVIL corporations!

There is indeed a 100% miracle cure for acne that is cheaper than you could ever imagine!!! It’s only 3 bucks for 3 bars of soap! And I swear to God almighty it will work for you no matter what skin type you have!

I’ve used every acne product there is, including proactive which did an OK job, but I always still had at least one pimple at all times. Then I ran out, and I just used my Irish Spring (with aloe) bar soap on my face, and it works 100% of the time. People say it must be the aloe in the soap that does the magic, but I think all those other complex chemicals do a good job of cleaning the skin also.

As long as I wash my face really good with Irish Spring every 12 hours, my skin stays perfectly clear. And I can use whatever shaving cream I want, and whatever lotion on my face, and I never get breakouts, except lotion with shea butter or coco-butter (Wash your face in the shower with Irish Spring *before* you shave).

The only other thing that makes me break out is Nestle Semi-sweet chocolate chips in cookies. So I never eat any nestle chocolate anymore, just hershey’s.

I guarantee if you use Irish Spring bar soap (the new one with *aloe*) you will never get another pimple for the rest of your life! It’s awesome! I wish I would have known about it back in highschool so I never would have had pimples in the first place, but they didn’t have aloe in Irish Spring back then.

And I use to get acne constantly on my back when I used coca-butter Tone bar soap. But now with Irish Spring, no pimples anywhere, just nice smooth skin. And the ingredients of Irish Spring are a lot of crazy industrial chemicals, but they do the trick! Better than any organic soap I’ve tried for acne. I promise you, after trying Irish Spring with aloe, you will thank God I told you about it!

*To renew your skin and remove old acne scars, use pure aloe vera gel on your face for one hour every day, then wash off with Irish Spring.

It’s the luck of the IRISH!

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