Get Rid Of Acne Fast

Lisa asks…

How do i get rid of acne fast?

I’m 13 and you think well im going through puberty. Maybe i am but can someone PLEASE tell me how to get rid of acne fast! I dont have like MAJOR acne but i dont have like one pimple lol.

Thank you for your help.

admin answers:

Don’t eat very much sweets. Wash your face with one of these products before bed and before school.
Follow directions on the back label, scrub on,wait a little bit, then rense with warm water. This will unclog pores fast.
You can purchase them at target,Wal*Mart,K-mart…wherever(usually in the makeup,health or skin care section).


If you wear foundation-use less–>none. This clogs pores and can cause more ance to break out. It’s better to use oil free makeup or bare minerals then regular.
It’s also healthy for your skin.
Last, if you have bangs clip them back when you sleep so the oil from your hair doesn’t seep into your forehead. :)
Hope I helped

Linda asks…

What are good ways to get rid of acne fast w/o pro active[it didnt work for me] say within 9 days??

I need some good ideas to get rid of acne fast? Its not too bad but kind . Its mostly on my cheeks forhead and on the sides of my face. I heard salt works. How do i do that method? I just want it to clear up and pro active did not work for me. So any ideas, please.

admin answers:

I swear by apricot scrub. It feels like rubbing sandpaper on your face, but it leaves your cheeks smooth.
For pimples and zits specifically, I would say use clearasil spot cream. It worked for me, but everyone is different. Also try Vasine. It is made to reduce red eye, but the chemicals in it can help red spots on your face too.

Sharon asks…

how do i get rid of acne fast like before christmas?

i need to get rid of acne fast cuz i really need to hav pretty skin when i go on my date on new-years eve with the hottest guy in the world…
i wish you guys could help me plz..

admin answers:

Buy proactive

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