Get Rid Of Acne Fast And Easy

Daniel asks…

How do you get rid of acne scars fast and easy?

I have acne scars on my cheek
Any way on getting rid of them fast and easy?

admin answers:

Depends how bad the acne is. If washing with soap twice a day hasn’t worked, try buying neutrogena oil free acne wash and use that twice a day. If THAT doesn’t work, consider buying proactiv or the 3 piece kit from target. Drink lots of water daily, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Do not pop your pimples especially if they are sore, it will leave scars.

Also there are many types of “natural remedies” such as teas and washes that work for some people, just as proactiv only works for some people

Michael asks…

Really fast easy way to get rid of acne?

I have acne of my forehead a lot and also on my chin and upper lip area. Im hanging out with some good friends in 4 days and i want it to be gone as much as possible…i had proactiv and its the only thing that worked and i ran out a few days ago and the acne came back again. ive been using Neutrogena which doesnt work…is there any ways to get rid of acne really fast that doesnt require using any store products?

admin answers:

Face wipes and zapzzit

Betty asks…

Fast and easy ways to rid of acne marks.?

I need a fast and easy way to get rid of an annoying acne mark/scar. Like for home remedy’s say what they are and how long it may take please. Or if its laser put cost and how well it works and how long it’d take to remove completely. Thanks. Got an annoying acne mark/scar right on the tip of my nose.

admin answers:

Apply toothpaste before sleeping and also rub lemon on ur face

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